Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dec 20, 2017

Today we are on our last day of diving at San Benedicto with big swells that made us use the pangas for the first two dives, mild current coming from the north, visibility of 20 meters / 60 ft, water temperature of 23 C / 74 F.

We did two dives at Boiler with great dolphin action specially two young ones that kept rushing to the surface and swimming next to our divers, a big group of 15 dolphins was patrolling the pinnacle but only a few came close to us. We spotted many mantas, about 7 different along the day with a special black one that was a bubble junkie following the divers and getting as much as she wanted, it looked pregnant to us. For the second dive we spotted even 10 to 15 hammerheads at the bottom, thanks to the good visibility all the group got to see them.

In Cañon we did two more dives with the silkys under the boat as a tradition, 4 silvertips right on the edge of Cañon, 2 more black tips and into the blue we could see more big hammerheads, a round day of diving we can call with all the expectations cover for this trip and willing to see more on the next experience.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

Dec 19, 2016

Hi there,
We were today in Socorro island, the dive site Cabo Pierce. The plan for the day was to do three dives, and later on go to the navy base to do the check in. The water temperature was 74F and the visibility for the first dive was around 30 feet, with a strong current heading southeast. We had to hold on to the reef to stay close to the action. We saw a huge tuna and three mantas, two chevron and one black, but maybe because of the strong current they didn't stay. For the second dive the current slowed down and the visibility improved a lot, like 60 feet. We were able to swim around with a group of dolphins that showed up. In the group were two mothers with their calf's, they were playing with the buoy at the cleaning station for the mantas. Latter on the dive, the three mantas came back and this time we could swim with them and take pictures. The last dive after lunch, the current changed and was strong again but with good visibility. We saw three hammerheads, two mantas, Galapagos and silkies sharks drifting over the reef. The people were very happy for all the action that we saw on the second and third dives. Tomorrow San Benedicto for the last day of diving on this trip.

Pablo DM

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dec 18, 2016

18 december 2016 ,Roca Partida 

Dive report / roca partida 

Hi All !
Our second day at Roca Partida was amazing !!.we went down at the northern corner of the rock e immediately we saw a chevron manta at the 90 ft / 27 m.The manta was circling around this area when the silvertips sharks comes very close to us !!.the manta chevron was moving from the northwest to south ,then we moved with it .The current wasn,t strong and the conditions were very nice .The visibility was 80 ft / 24 m and the temperature was 78 º f / 27 º c .Once at the southern corner was fabulous 4 mantas chevron swimming up and down from the 50 ft / 15 m to the surface ,and a black manta join them .The 3 groups of divers were sourrended by mantas and everyone was happy ,taking pictures ,blowing bubbles at the manta,s belly !!.The Mantas were all day close to the site .And not only Mantas , we saw big schools of amberjacks ,lots of bigeyejacks ,bonitas ,big yellowfin tunas ,skipjacks ,silky sharks ,hammerheads and lots of whitetipsharks and wahoo,s too !!now heading straight to Socorro island! see you soon !!
Ignacio h. leyro                                                                                                         
scuba instructor

Dec 17, 2016

Today we dove at Roca Partida, having a great day with an early dive with two mantas, many white tips laying on the ledges and the rock full of all kind of fishes. The tunas showed up along the day rushing and hunting around the site while in the deep we could spot hammerheads and silver tips. The highlight of the day was definitely a big whale shark that came from under 120 feet to give a quick glimpse, but we could estimated about 30 feet long, a pregnant female.

The conditions were good with calm seas, mild current and good visibility about 60 feet / 20 meters.

Lets see what Roca has to show to us.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dec 16, 2016

The first full day of diving on this trip. We were in San Benedicto, the dive site El Boiler where we did four dives. The water temperature was 77F and the visibility around 50 feet. The current was heading North in the morning, for the afternoon dives changed direction to South. The first dive we did, we had a group of dolphins swimming with us for a long time and also three mantas, one black and two chevron. For the second dive three chevron mantas and one black; but the best part of the dive was when a tiger shark showed up. For the third dive we went out into the blue to look for big animals. We saw a hammerhead a Galapagos shark and when we were returning to El Boiler, a huge school of skip jack passed, it was so big that we couldn't see the beginning and the end at the same time. Finally the fourth dive of the day, and the mantas came back to us; two chevron and one black were there. At the end of the day the people were very happy diving in El Boiler.

Pablo DM

Friday, December 16, 2016

Dec 15, 2016

San Benedicto ,15th December 2016

   Hi All !!

   Today we dove at Cabo Pearce where we found very interesting rocks formations with few hard corals ,lots of tropical fish as pacific trigger fish ,morish idols , barberfish and moray eels .The water temperature was 77 º f / 26 º C and the visibility was 50 ft /15 m .At the very last of the dive a curious silky shark comes close to the descent line during the safety stop .It was circling around us closer and closer each time and the divers love to it see it !!

See you soon !!
                                                                                                         Ignacio H. Leyro

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 10, 2016

The last day of SCUBA diving for this trip. We are back to San Benedicto and the dive site is El Boiler for four dives. The water temperature was 77 and the visibility 40 feet. For the first dive we had dolphins following us and two mantas deep in the blue. On the second dive the mantas were more friendly and three of them were swimming with the divers most of the time. After lunch we did dives three with two mantas in shallow water and a third one close to the bottom. The last dive was the one with more manta activity, during the 60 minutes of the dive we saw five mantas, two black and three chevron. Also a black tip shark was swimming in between a big school of jack fish. Also we saw white tip sharks, green moray eel, lobsters and colorful fish  during the dives.

Pablo DM

Dec 9, 2016

Roca Partida ,december 9th 2016

   We have no words to describe all the good stuff we found today diving at Roca Partida !! .Absolutely gorgeous ! .At the northern corner we found 2 Mantas Chevron circling from the rock to the blue , swimming up and down , when 2 big silvertip sharks were chasing them and finally dissapear . A huge school of bonitas comes from the east and was sourrended by 7 sylky sharks .when we check the ledges at the eastern face of the rock ,lots of whitetip sharks were there .The current was strong from south to north then we drift to the north for the second dive and the mantas showed up again and the school of bonitas was closer to the island this time , and a big school of amberjacks was close to the rock .we saw big eye jacks ,tropical fish like puffers and morish idols ,The water temperature was 78 º f / 26 º C , and the visibility was 80 ft /  24 m .Diving at the southern corner , the current was lesser thats why we chek the ledges with whithetips for the last time and we drift from south to north this time .At south we found schools of amberjacks ,trevalley jacks and from the depth a beautiful galapagos sharks showed up !! and a silvertip was deeper .we drift along the western face of the rock which is plenty of hard coral and sea urchins and at the nortwest a manta chevron was there .to finish the dive wewent to blue and lots of wahoos were in the blue .beautiful day !! see you soon !!
                                                                                                                  ignacio hernan leyro
                                                                                                                   scuba instructor

Dec 8, 2016

Today we are at San Benedicto, back at "el Boiler" having great action with mantas and dolphins.

The conditions are good, with 20 meters / 60 feet of visibility, warm water 25 C / 78 F, no current and a little bit of swell at the surface.

On the first dive we saw a big group of 20 dolphins swimming next to the divers at 90 feet / 30 meters reaching the surface and diving again to get clean by the endemic clarion fishes. For the next to dives the dolphins didn´t appear but we got to see 7 different mantas, with one specific individual, the friendliest black manta we have seen. It came towards the divers back and forth trying to get a the bubbles in their bellies and giving a great spectacle to our guests. Along the day we could spot a big school of amber jacks swimming close to the pinnacle and on the top we encounter more than 10 white tips swimming along with the trumpet fishes, blue jacks and the yellow tail trigger fishes.

Great day and waiting for more tomorrow at Roca Partida.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

Dec 7, 2016

Today we dove in Socorro Island, the water temperature was 79 and the visibility around 40 feet, the current was quite strong for the first and third dive. We did three dives today because we had to to the check in at the Navy base. For the first dive we had one black manta, a silver tip shark and a group of dolphins. For the second dive we had one manta and some big tunas crossing the reef. The third dive was the best of the day, the current was much stronger than the first dive. We we hanging from a rock where we saw a small tiger shark, after that one of the groups so another one, but this was bigger and the shark was chasing a school of bonitas. One chevron manta showed up and stayed with us for a long time, also tunas were close enough to take pictures of them, passing between divers.

Pablo DM

Dec 6, 2016

San Benedicto                                                                                

    Hello everybody !
   Diving at el cañon today gave us a wonderfull experience !!.Lots of whitetips sharks ,silvertips sharks and big baitball of bonitas at south ,with two silky sharks circling around !.the water temperature was 26 ºc / 80 ºf and the visibility was 80 ft / 24 m , and in the afternoon was 40 ft / 12 m .We saw a couple of hammerheads , and when the current was a little stronger we found a big school of hammerheads , more than 40 hammerheads from the 90 ft / 27 m to the 60 ft /18 m .When the hammerheads school was at the limit of the visibility ,a black manta showed up and was possible to see it very clear !.heading to socorro for more fun !! see you soon!!
                                                                                                               ignacio h. leyro
                                                                                                               scuba  instructor

Nov 20, 2016

  Hi All !!

  Diving in Roca Partida was a lot of fun !! we found a big school of skipjacks mixed with bonitos at the 80 ft / 24 m., which form a baitball .The water temperature was 80 ºF / 26 ºc and the visibility around 80 ft / 24 .Was a good day to watch Wahoos ,amberjacks ,bigeye jacks .Was possible to see a Galapago shark which was going deeper .A couple of silvertips shark were in the area and we found occasionally few hammerheads at the limit of the visibility ,and during the second dive a big school of them showed up at the 100 ft / 30 m.,more than 40 hammerheads for sure !!.In the blue water we had a baitball of pacific bonito at the 60 ft /18 m and anothers hammerheads around this school ,and ending the dive lots of wahoo swimming around us an a couple of silky sharks were circling around us .Great day of diving today !! see you soon !
                                                                                                           Ignacio Hernan Leyro
                                                                                                             scuba instructor

Nov 28, 2016

Today. Monday we dove in Punta Tosca, Socorro. We did two dives there in the morning and after that, the check in at the Navy Base. The water temperature was 81 F and thew visibility 40 feet. Om the first dive we had mantas, white tip sharks and five silver tips. One of the group drifting with the current saw a Tiger shark pretty close to take pictures of him. For the second dive the current was stronger and the visibility lower, we had a couple of mantas. For the afternoon dive we came back to Cabo Pearce where we had an incredible dive with five friendly dolphins that stayed with us for more than ten minutes. Mantas and a couple of silkies were swimming around us.

DM Solmar V

Nov 27, 2016

Diving at Cabo Pearce in Socorro Island today was absolutely amazing !!. During the first dive we watch a Black Manta and 3 differents Mantas Chevron .The current was strong and the visbility
  was around 80 ft / 24 M., and the temperature was very nice 82 º / 28 ºc .The rest of the day we had more and more action each time .Bottlenose Dolphins during the 2nd and 3 rd dive , 8 to 12
  Dolphins playing around and more Mantas Chevron ,and a Tiger shark was patrolling the deeper area at the 90 Ft / 27 M.At last of the day the Dolphins showed up in the shallow area and in the
  blue a curios Silky shark was circling around us at the 40 ft /12 m to 30 ft /9 m . , when a Manta Chevron pass in front of us to disappear in the blue .The Silky Shark was circling around us
  at the safety stop when another Silky comes and we finished the dive with the 2 Silkys circling around our boat .Socorro had shown one more time that is a Top Nocht destination !!.See you soon !
                                                                                                                                         Ignacio Hernan Leyro
                                                                                                                                           Scuba Instructor

Nov 25, 2016

The first full day of diving, the water temperature was 79F and the visibility 40 feet. We dove in El Canyon for the first three dives, where we saw a couple of mantas and the school of hammerheads, one silver tip and few white tip reef sharks. For the afternoon dive we moved to Cabo Pearce  where the visibility was 45 feet and the water temperature 78F. Two mantas, white tips and turtle at the beginning, but because the current was stronger here we drifted, and Nacho's group were the lucky ones because they saw a tiger shark into the blue.

Pablo DM

Nov 24, 2016

 Hi All !! Today was a gret diving at El Fondeadero dive site !! Conditions were perefct to do a check out dive .No current at least at the begining of the dive and mild to moderate current finishing the dive .water temperature 78 ªC /25.5 ºC and the visbility 50 Ft / 15 m .We folow the descent line and we saw the big rocks formations wihch form the reef with lots of tropical fish
like morish idols , puffers ,parrotfishes , Clarion Angelfish .We saw a couple of whitetips sharks moving around and a Moray eal and a big school of blue trevalley jacks and a big school of surgeon fish .Easy dive ,and relax ,perfect for the divers taking underwater pictures ! See you soon !!
                                                                                                              Ignacio Hernan Leyro

                                                                                                              Dive Instructor -Solmar V

Nov 18, 2016

Hi All !!
Today was a fantastic day at the Sea of Cortez !!. In the morning we ,ve been snorkeling with Whalesharks at El Mogote .We found 5 differents Whalesharks .Three of them very big at least 7 m / 22 ft in lenght , and anothers around 5 m/ 15 ft in lenght .Every diver was very happy to swim with the biggest fish in the World !! .The afternoon dive was like every shipwreck very interesting and fun !!.We dove the Fang ming with lots of black coral and lots of tropical fish as yellow snappers ,Angel Fish , big groupers , and we seen an small turtle .We could penetrate in some areas wich are safe and was very interesting to watch the light passing trough the roof and windows and all the structure of the wreck .The wind was blowing hard then we move to the dive site Ballena ,shallow dive to 50 ft/ 15 m., with good conditions .Water temperature 82 Ft / 25 ºC and the visbility was 30 ft / 9 m and was perfect to do a drift dive ,with lots of tropical fish and a big male and fat sealion was coming to check us . See you soon !!
                                               Ignacio H. Leyro
                                                Scuba Instructor

Nov 12, 2016

Chileno Bay,

Hi All !!

Excellent day of diving at the sea of Cortes .Chileno Bay is a long reef and today we found lots of tropical fish . Parrot fish , morish idols , sea king Angel fish ,barberfish. Guineafowl puffers ,groupers , at the corner of the reef at the 35 ft we saw a beutiful school of bigeye jacks and schools of panamic porkfish and surgeonfish.Even a turtle was in the area .The water temperature was 81 ºF / 27.7 Cº and the visibility was about 40 ft /12 m.Now ready to move to Socorro !! See you soon !!
                                                Ignacio H. Leyro
                                                 Scuba Instructor

Nov 06, 2016

Today we arrived to Socorro island, the day was sunny 84F/28C. We did four dives in Cabo Pearce, where the water temperature was also 84F/28C and the visibility around 40 feet.
We had a good day of scuba diving, mantas, friendly dolphins in dive three and four, a couple of hammerhead sharks and even a sea lion on the third dive. For the second and third divs we had a strong current coming from north and the pangas picked us up in the blue, for the last one the current changed and started heading north but not a strong one, so we were able to come back to the Solmar V.

Pablo DM

Dec 10, 2016

Today we are at Roca Partida for the second day and the conditions were a little rough at the surface with big swells but once we were underwater the visibility was great with about 60 feet, warm water around 83 F and no current. For the first two dives we decided to check on the hammerheads, we found 4 of them at 90 feet swimming close to a couple of silvertips and some Galapagos sharks. The rock was full of jacks mating, the black ones and the whites making couples and swimming all over the place. Some tunas made their appearance at the distance and 3 mantas were hovering close to the rock.

We are heading to Socorro island tonight.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

Nov 03, 2016

Today is our second day on the islands, the first full day of diving. The first two dives were in El Cañon, the dive conditions were good. 84F temperature and 60 feet visibility.
Mantas, white tip sharks, lobsters and fish like the big eye jack and Clarion were the kind of animals we saw.
Our second dive site was El Boiler, for the last two dives of the day. The water temperature was 82F with a little bit of current heading SW. Here we spend our time with five mantas and in the deep a group of nine to ten white tip sharks. For the fourth dive we enjoyed the company of one playful manta a lot of fish, more fish than the previous dive.
Now we are heading to Roca Partida for another day of adventure and fun.

Pablo DM

Nov 2, 2016

Today we are back on the archipelago of Revillagigedo getting ready for another exciting season which could not started better than today.

The weather conditions were prime, with no swells, slight current coming from the south, 86 F of temperature with 60 feet of visibility that made the check out dive one of the best we have had in Fondeadero located in San Benedicto Island. Once underwater we encounter 3 sting rays and suddenly a big shadow showed what the people were expecting, the first manta, a black one giving the welcome to the opening of the season and delighting the divers. Along the dive we swam with 3 more chevron mantas that showed their friendly behavior as always and we cannot forget the baby silvertips, the silkys and the white tips laying on the sand.

Hope the season stays like this! Its hard to top up this check out dive so we are hoping the best..

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.