Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan 18, 2017

Hi All!
Jan 18, 2017.
Roca Partida:
Humpback whales are back to Roca Parida, they kept teasing us coming closer to the rock, mama
calf and escort chasing them, at times they came across between the Roca and Solmar V,
Under a cloudy day, early as 7 am we went diving! Our first dive of the morning brought to us a
very curious whale shark in the North End of the Roca, as the day went by in other dives fun Black
and Chevron Giant Pacific Mantas were there to make our dives unforgettable,Vis over 80ft/24m,
for the most part water temp 79℉/26℃, shifting current along the day kept us in shape
starting mild in the morning increasing intensity by our third dive! With it a school of
Hammer Head shark came back to South End of Roca doing what they are famous for,
swimming on their side, showing the shiny side, here and there Yellow Fin Tunas making
every fish retrieve to the safety of the rock, Fun day and a bit challenging made it count for
our dive experience!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.--

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan 17, 2017

Today we arrive to Roca Partida after a rocky crossing from San Benedicto but the diving conditions were good with a medium swell coming from the north, the wind blowing from the northwest, good visibility of 30 meters / 90 ft, water temperature 24 C / 79 F, some thermoclines along the rock and light current coming from the north.

We got in the water on the first dive waiting to spot some whales due we have seen spotting them early morning a 100 yards away from the rock and then appearing on a different spot blowing and even splashing with their tail, apparently there 3 around the zone, one escort, the big mama and the calf. As soon as we were in the water we could see a big school of hammerheads, about 30 individuals swimming deep in the blue and getting away from us with the ocasionaly single lost one swimming behind the big group. On the current at the north the big sharks appeared, silver tips, Galapagos, silkies and the resident white tip reef sharks resting on the ledges made the perfect occasion for the photographers. As the day goes by, we could see two mantas chasing each other, one black and a very friendly chevron that kept following the divers as usual. In the blue we could see a big school of skip jacks followed by tunas, rainbow runners and the pompanos swimming close to the surface.

We expected to see the big whales today but hopefully tomorrow will be our lucky day, they are so close!!

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jan 16, 2017

Good day everybody,

Today we were in San Benedicto and the dive site was El CaƱon. The water temperature was 75F and the visibility for the first two dives around 70feet; for the afternoon dives the wind picked up bringing dust from the island, and changing the conditions. We had 30 feet of visibility more or less.
The first dive at 7 AM was good, we saw dolphins, a couple of mantas, hammerheads and silver tip sharks. For the second dive we saw three mantas, dolphins at the beginning and the end of the dive, hammerheads, two black tip sharks, a tiger shark close to the cleaning station and four silkies swimming under the Solmar V were there for us. Probably the best dive of the day this one was because of all the action we had. For the third dive we found again the school of hammerheads, but this time they came pretty close to the divers. Two playful chevron mantas were with us most of the time and silkies too. For the last dive because of the lower visibility, some divers decided to stay under the boat taking pictures and video of the silkies in shallow water; also a chevron manta came close too.
Now we are heading to Roca Partida for another great day of diving.

Pablo DM

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jan 11, 2017

Today we are back at San Benedicto diving "Boiler" with great diving conditions, light swell, with 60 ft / 20 mts of visibility, 23 C / 75 F water temperature, no current on the first 2 dives and a little bit of it on the third and fourth dives.

We started the day spotting dolphins on the west side of Boiler, 6 dolphins diving down to 30 meters to get cleaned by the endemic clarion fish, two of them were petting each other on a clear sign of mating so we thought we spoiled their special time, anyway they kept swimming between us and even one of them started rushing to the surface and jumped out of the water several times. On the deep we could see a big hammerhead, about 2 meters or more swimming close to the sand, some black tips were very close to the dolphins but when we tried to have a closer glance they disappear in the blue. The mantas showed up along the day, 4 or 6 different were gliding between the rock and the canyon on the west side of Boiler, so we went down to 30 meters to see them better when 2 big ones started swimming back to the rock and started coming up close to it to get the rising current right under their wings. To finish the day we got a quick view of a big tiger shark that came close to the divers just for a moment and then it went back down to the sand while the divers tried to get the best shot possible.

Its been a great trip for the Brazilian team and for the Solmar crew, we will be back in short.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jan 10, 2017

We woke up today in Socorro Island. We did two dives in Cabo Pearce, then we went to the Navy base to do the check in, and latter in the afternoon the last dive of the day in Punta Tosca. The water temperature was 77F and the visibility around 30 feet.
The first dive one of the groups saw a few dolphins passing by and three mantas on the distance. For the second dive one manta was swimming with one of the groups for a while, also we saw a couple of big tunas and a Galapagos shark. Because the dives were not the best, we decided to move to Punta Tosca and that was a good call! We spend most of the dive with dolphins, and the best part was when one of them very friendly let us touch her. All the divers had the opportunity to pamper the dolphin!
Everybody came back with a huge smile in the face.

Pablo DM

Jan 8, 2017

Today we are at Roca Partida on our first day of diving with great conditions; mild swell, visibility of 30 mts / 90 ft, water temperature 25 C / 79 F, current coming from the west.

On the first dive we spotted lots of mantas coming from the blue and joining our dive feeling the bubbles and chasing the divers to get as close as possible, even it looks like they are more interested in us day after day. In total we could see over 10 different mantas along the day with one chevron that kept swirling and looping among the divers, one big black manta that we spotted in past january in San Benedicto made it appearance here at Roca. All the divers got their best chances to get the shots between the ocasionaly silver tips, hammerheads and the constant white tip reef sharks. On the last dive we spotted a big school of bonitas mixed with some silvertips and silkys, no mantas but I believe the divers are very satisfied with the day.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dove instructor.

Jan 7, 2017

Today was the second day of our trip. We were in San Benedicto and the dive site El Boiler. The water temperature was 75F, the visibility around 40 feet and the current heading north most of the time.
We did four dives today. On the first one we saw dolphins and three chevron mantas. For the second dive the mantas were there again, three chevron and one black, and also a couple of hammerhead sharks swimming close to the rock. For the third dive the current picked up and the mantas didn't stay in the area, but we saw one black and two chevron for a few moments. The last dive of the day was really good, four mantas, one black and three chevron; one big hammerhead and one not so big tiger shark. White tip reef sharks, lobsters, octopuses, green moray eels and colorful fish we saw during the dives too. As usual El Boiler gave us a great day of diving. To finish the day, we did the "panga ride", so the people could take a closer look to the island.
Tonight we are heading to Roca Partida for another fun day in Revillagigedo.

Pablo DM