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January 6th 2018 - January 14th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Trip report 7
From January 6th to 14th.

The first stop on this trip was in San Benedicto Island, where we dove in “El Cañón” and “Dos Hermanas”. The dives were great on both sites; with mantas, silver tip sharks and two big schools of hammerheads.

After being in San Benedicto, we headed to Roca Partida for two days. The dives there were spectacular! We saw tunas probably over two hundred pounds of weight, around 30 Galapagos sharks swimming together with some silver tip sharks, all on the north side of the rock. On the south part, we found the school of hammerheads in deep water.

In Roca Partida the highlight was a bait ball that we spotted at the end of the day. We jumped in the panga with mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit and camera ready! When we arrived to the site we saw dozens of silky sharks and tunas hunting. This was an incredible experience for us.

After being in Roca we did our fourth day of diving at “Cabo Pierce” in Socorro Island. Here we saw six or seven dolphins on the first two dives. They were hunting and chasing the jack’s. We also had a nice encounter with three mantas and a few hammerheads and silver tip sharks.

The last day of the trip was in San Benedicto, this time we dove in “El Boiler”. On the first dive of the day we saw dolphins, but they didn’t stay longer. In all the dives we saw mantas; up to six of them on the third dive, and hammerheads here and there.

This was another great trip of scuba diving in Revillagigedo Islands.

Dive Instructor
Solmar V

Saturday, January 6, 2018

December 27th 2017 - January 4th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Hola amigos!

First of all happy new year to everybody from the Solmar V/Pelagic Fleet family!

We celebrated the new year doing what we do best: diving with the fantastic sea-life of the Socorro Islands! And the islands did not disappoint, the crossing from Cabo to San Benedicto Island was very smooth with very calm seas and took us 24 hours from the time we left port until the time we jumped in the water for our check out dive at “Las Cuevas” and the conditions couldn't been better for a check out dive, calm seas, warm water, 25C/77F, very slight current coming from the north and a visibility of about 24m/80ft. Lobsters, electric rays, whip tail stingrays, white tip reef sharks and a chevron manta at the end of the dive kept us entertained.
The first full day of diving we stayed in San Benedicto Island and we dove El Boiler on our first dive and Pariente’s Rock/Dos Hermanas for the last 3 dives of the day, bottled-nose dolphins, mantas, schooling bonitos, a few hammerheads and tiger sharks gave us a great start to our trip.
Then we crossed to Roca Partida, which took us 10 hours, the rock gave us some pretty good action with mantas, schooling jacks and bonitos, silky,white tip, Galapagos, silver tip, hammer heads and even a couple of juvenile oceanic black tip sharks on the 3 dives we did there before we crossed to Socorro Island where we dove “Cabo Pearce” and there we enjoyed of a little dolphin action and mantas looking for our bubbles to tickle their bellies. Our last crossing was back to San Benedicto island where we did our two last days of diving at “El Boiler” and just like on the first dive we did there the dolphin action was amazing! The very first dive we had dolphins for about 30-40 minutes and also hammerheads and mantas!...mind blowing dive site!...the rest of our dives there we had more schooling hammerheads of up to 30 individuals, tiger sharks, Galapagos and lots of manta action specially in the last couple of dives of the trip!
The crossing back to Cabo was perfect, flat seas And if that was not enough we finished the trip with a high note spotting 4 orcas, we put one of the zodiacs down in the water and went out to catch them, they were moving very fast but we were able to jump in the water and look at them...we have video and pictures to prove! Ha!...what a way to start the year and finish our trip!!!
During this trip we also had on-board a group of Mexican scientists that were tagging mantas and sharks for their research. Excellent treat that Pelagic Fleet got for us, supporting Mexican scientists and giving us the opportunity not only to watch them work but to be able to talk to them and listen to some very interesting presentations.
And as always, another great trip on the Solmar V!

Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

December 13th - December 22nd, 2017 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)


We are almost at the end of the year, and the Somar V Liveaboard keeps on with
the surprises at Revillagigedo, this time as usual, we departed on our 5th trip with
great weather and high expectations for a ten days trip.

The journey began with our check out dive at “Fondeadero” on San Benedicto
Island, as we arrived quite late to the island we had a dusk dive with lots of jacks
gliding on the current, two silky sharks swimming on the shallows and as the dive
continue the visibility got dark so the astonishing colors of the fishes glittered on
the reef giving a sense of sparks and shiny stripes all over.

On the second day we unloaded the boats early in the morning and prepared the
gears to get in the water, this time the chosen site was “Cañon”. Here we got to see
some hammerheads on the outskirts of the platform, lots of white tip reef sharks
swimming here and there and due we had no current we could dive the whole site
looking for the small stuff like moray eels, tiger snake eels and the big school of
burritos grunts that usually gathers at this site. We dove another great spot called
“3 hermanos” which lately has been a great surprise to us, so one we got there we
could encounter a tiger shark ambushing the fishes in the deep crest of the wall,
suddenly the current started to rise and hammerheads showed up in the blue, a
group of 20+ swimming along 3 mantas that started diving among the divers
getting their common bubble bath. As the dive continue we suddenly heard the
squeaks of dolphins and out of the blue 8 dolphins started sinking and swimming
up circling the divers, one of them was a baby dolphin that stick to the mother all
the time. In San Benedicto we got the best diving at Boiler, where as is a tradition
for the people that come here everyone waits for the very first dive due the best
dolphin and manta interaction takes place at this amazing pinnacle, so one we got
in the water big groups of 30+ dolphins started swimming among us al over the
place, then the mantas took the control of the dives and we had 4 amazing dives in
here, with divers blowing bubbles at their bellies, the highlight definitely were 3
huge chevron mantas and a small black one extremely friendly that stayed with us
along the day. We could spot Galapagos sharks in the deep zones next to the
elusive hammerheads and even a couple of black tips swimming with the big
school of jacks that usually could be found on the west side of Boiler.

After San Benedicto we got to Roca Partida, where we were expecting the great
whale sharks but we didn´t get to see any of these, so we focus most of the dives on
the big schools of jacks, the ambushing tunas and the eventually hammerheads
that kept swimming in the deep parts of Roca. We got to see more Galapagos
sharks and silvertips quite deep too. No mantas at Roca this time but anyhow such
a great place full of white tip reef sharks gliding in the current making and
exquisite spectacle.

At Socorro Island we got great diving with dolphins at Cabo Pearce with some
mantas in between too, having what we called the “manticure” at the cleaning
station with the Clarion angelfish. Suddenly when we were waiting to spot more
mantas, a big school of skipjacks shade the site and started moving along the rock
with two silkies patrolling the ball. We dove to more sites here at Socorro, one of

them was Roca O´Neil where we had a great view of 30+ hammerheads and the
other site was Punta Tosca, where we spotted another tiger shark and mantas plus
the great variety of tropical fishes, electric rays and the tiny nudibranches.
This trip has been an amazing experience as usually Socorro is, but every time is
getting better and better so lets wait for the next journey to see what is waiting
underwater for the lucky divers in turn. Until next time!

Rodrigo Marroquín, dive instructor.

Swell: 3
Current: 2
Visibility: 4
To San Benedicto: 2
To Roca Partida: 3
To Socorro: 2

Friday, December 15, 2017

December 3rd - December 11th, 2017 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Dive Report - Trip N ° 4 (Dec 3rd to Dec 11th)

Hi everyone!!

We had a terrific trip!! We dove El Fondeadero at the beginning to do the check dive. The action begun at The Boiler, the bottle-nose dolphins come to play with the divers, at least 30 dolphins were around us. The Pacific Giant Mantas arrived to the cleaning stations and they circled around the site, 5 to 6 Pacific Giant Mantas in a great visibility of 80 ft / 24m of blue and warm water of 80 ° F° / 24 C. We saw 1 Black Manta and 4 Mantas Chevron during the 4 dives. Wonderful spectacle of Mother Nature! This is why the Boiler is one of he best dives sites in the world to interact with this gentle creatures of the Ocean.

We head to Socorro Island to dive the beautiful reef of Roca O’Neil with the majestic arch at the 100ft which make a contrast of lights, with a moon geography at its reef there were plenty of tropical fish, diamond stingrays, silky shark, silvertips sharks and a Chevron Manta was in the area while the whitetip sharks were around the reef. Punta Tosca with its long bar and beautiful reef was a relaxing dive, specially at the shallow area with plenty of hard coral and tropical fish as parrot fish, Pacific trigger fish, trumpet-fish and with lots of torpedo rays, whitetips sharks resting in the caves, lobsters and even a turtle was around.

Cabo Pearce with its lava flow and several cleaning stations was perfect to watch 2 mantas Chevron and a Black Manta as well. Incredibly amazing to watch the mantas coming from the depth to the surface showing us their belly with plenty of white spots and doing circles.

We left Socorro Island to head to Roca Partida to encounter a rough sea in the morning and a strong current to the east side. During the first dive we found a school of Hammerheads at the 120 ft / 36 m. The first hammerheads were shallower but when we look to the bottom and no less than 40 hammerheads were arriving to spent a good time with us. The second dive was easy and relax to watch the site and the schools of cotton mouth jacks, amber jacks, a big Galapagos shark and the whitetips sharks resting at the edges. The 3rd dive was absolutely amazing! At the western side we found a big silvertip shark and few hammerheads close to us and big schools of Big eyes jacks. We went with the schools and the sharks to return in a blue water dive where we found a solitary silky shark, 3 mobulas rays coming from the blue, a couple of wahoo and finally we saw an amazing migration of Mobulas Rays, 40 to 50 of them, passing right next to us and circling in front of us while the silky was around, every time more curious!!

We came back to San Benedicto Island to dive El Cañon and we found 2 bottle-nose dolphins and lot of life. At the second dive we found a very playful Chevron manta. And near to El Cañon we dove at Dos Hermanos to find more Chevron mantas and a tiger shark of 3 m/ 9 ft.

To say goodbye we came back to El Boiler to have a bottle-nose dolphins everywhere! There were lots of them in all the site! They were very playful and curious and the mantas were arriving to the cleaning stations more and more. A tiger shark stayed at least for 3 dives near the mini Boiler. A hammerhead also passed right in front of us but we then decided to continue to the eastern corner because we had more bottle-nose dolphins to play with. Lots of fun at the Socorro Islands!!! See you soon!

Ignacio Hernan Leyro
Scuba instructor
Solmar V

Cabo San Lucas to San Benedicto Island: 23 hrs
San Benedicto to Socorro Island : 4 hrs
Socorro to Roca Partida : 10 hrs
Water temperature : 80 f|° / 24 C|°
Visibility : 30 ft / 9 m to 80 ft / 24 m depending the sites

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November 21st - December 1st, 2017 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Nov 30th, 2017, Revillagigedo Archipelago.
24 hrs crossing to get to a wonderful place to do lots of diving! An easy check out dive at El Fondeadero, Isla San Benedicto with lots of white tips, lobsters, reef fish, green moray eels, sting rays, flounders, juvenile silver tip, silky sharks during the safety stop was just the beginning of a great extended trip!

On the second day of diving it was really hard to leave El Boiler, dive site in San Benedicto, after completing 4 dives! The diving was just spectacular among lots of chevron and black friendly mantas all day long. The current from the South made it more interesting bringing in clear water and making the visibility as good as 30m/100ft. The water temp was around 29℃/85℉ and during one of the surface intervals a 7m/21ft long whale shark came by the Solmar V so we all had the opportunity to jump into the water and snorkel with, but that wasn’t it!!! Dolphins got here early in the morning... about 10 of them! Playful as always, water being so warm and plenty of lobsters! Hammer Heads also made appearance starting with only of them! As the day went on, a school of 25 of them showed up at 15m/50ft, very close to the rock! No swimming was necessary! Thank you, Current! Then, due to it, at the end of the day a mountain of easily 80 hammer heads swam by the same area, from 36m/120ft deep to surface!
Third day of diving we found ourselves at El Cañon, Isla San Benedicto, diving with dolphins and mantas again. Not bad at all for first dive of the morning! Current from the West made us wait at 27m/90ft deep! In front of us an ocean full of fish, we could feel colder water ascending due to current but it was worth the wait... A 2.5m/8ft long tigger shark came up to our depth!! Drifting in the current some hammer heads found us a long the way ending up the
dive with two more than friendly mantas at our safety stop! PERFECT DIVE!!!
Dos Hermanos dive site was also so enjoyable. Vis at least 30m/100ft at 9m/30ft, nice big boulders area with lots of reef fish, the drop off at 18m/60ft was like a big window in front with such big school of striped bonitos surrounding us and a black manta below it. As the dive went on a dusky shark swam by with Galapagos and 4 hammer heads, the shallow rocky area was covered with lots of blue and gold snappers and an octopus trying its best to hide away (wasn’t very successful).
It took us 10 hrs night crossing to get to Roca Partida, the weather treated us very nice, sky partially clouded making sunrise and sunset really spectacular, inside temp 26℃/80℉. Roca was embraced two days with current from West side. Great deal current!! Up-welling!! Cold water 25.5℃/78℉, lots nutrients and fish going crazy in a feast! Cotton Mouth Jacks, Big Eyes Jack, Rainbow Runners, everything in one area!!! Seems the ocean wasn’t big enough for the amount of fish! South West area right where the current turns and takes you in a nice drift dive schooling Hammer Heads showed up several times! 

Roca O’neal Dive Site at Socorro Island next, it took 10 hrs to get there. We had the chance of diving in spectacular in blue water, water temp 27℃/82℉, 4 Giant Pacific Mantas extremely friendly every dive for 40 minutes near the drop off and in the shadow area 15m/50ft, the mild current kept all type of fish swirling right at the edge of drop off, during there second dive current picked up a bit more, with 25 friendly dolphins which made the dive extremely enjoyable, at depth great contrast of 25 hammer heads again white sandy bottom! 

Punta Tosca Die Site in Socorro Island with water temp of 27 ℃/82℉ offered a nice easy dive not so much of a current along the wall dive with lots of fish, white tip sharks and juvenile Galapagos sharks. Visibility 12m/40ft, Cabo Pearce in Socorro Island water temp 27℃/82℉, in the other hand was fantastic during morning dive with 10 very curious dolphins that found us along the drop off, investigating us! Touching us with the beak, swimming circles right around us, making all king of noises! Adding to it... letting us touch them for long minutes! Then they went up for fresh air then came back down finding us for more and more playing with them! 

Of course mantas were there too as friendly as we know mantas are! A few hammer heads made themselves visible to us a few times as well, current picked up along the day making us go in a drift dive escorted by silky sharks while safety stop! At the end of day in low light conditions 12m/40ft deep dive the reef got covered with lots of convict tang fish, rays, white tip sharks, trumpeted fish, octos, green moray eels, etc. 

Returning to El Boiler, San Benedicto Island, took us 6 hrs to get there, water temp 27℃/82℉. The early dive 7:00am was rewarded with about 12 dolphins that stayed with us for about 40 minutes! Making the North West corner of El Boiler not only a cleaning station for mantas but the clarion fish cleaning also dolphins from parasites! The West side of the rock at 40m/120ft about 4 Hammer Heads making a big circle right in the same area, Galapagos and silver tip sharks were also part of our dive making it at end of the day a dive to remember! 
Oh, and we can't forget to mention graceful mantas with their slow swimming making you wanting to be with them, swimming under them to blow some bubbles, making eye contact with them, letting them make circle around you by putting one wing down the other one up! WHAT A TRIP TO REMEMBER!!!

Dive Inst Daniel Zapata, Solmar V

Water Current: 1 to 3 (in scale of 1 to 5)
Vis average: 18m/60ft
Warmest Water Temp 29℃/85℉
Coldest Water Temp 24℃/76℉ (Thermocline)
Traveling Time: Cabo San Lucas to San Benedicto 24 hrs
San Benedicto to Roca Partida 10 hrs
Roca Partida to Socorro Island 10 hrs
Socorro Island to San Benedicto Isl, 5 hrs
Returning to Cabo San Lucas 26 hrs.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 11th - November 19th, 2017 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Hello all,

On the second trip of the season we had great dives. San Benedicto gave us three days of incredible dives. “Las cuevas”, where we did the check out dive; so our guests had the opportunity to get familiar with the area. “El Cañón” where we did two dives with different types of sharks like white tip, silver tip, Galapagos, hammerhead and silkies. Two more dives in “Dos hermanas” where we saw mantas, hammerheads and a tiger shark. Finally we dove in “El Boiler” where we had 20 minutes encounter with dolphins, plus mantas, a whale shark, two tiger sharks and finally a school of hammerheads in the last two dives, when the current picked up. San Benedicto Island was amazing on this trip.

After being in San Benedicto we went to “Roca Partida” where we dove two days. As usual Roca gave us fantastic bottom time. We saw mantas, tunas, silver tip, Galapagos and hammerheads sharks; but probably the main attraction was the whale shark that we saw on the first dive of the day.
In Socorro Island we dove in “Cabo Pierce” where we saw playful dolphins in two dives. On the second dive some of the divers were able to touch one of the dolphins. That was an amazing experience for our guest! We saw mantas, some big tunas and sharks like hammerheads and silver tips.

After talking with our guest and watching their faces, we can say that this was a successful trip. This was the first face to face with a whale shark for some of them and first time for everybody to have this type of interaction with dolphins!
Revillagigedo’s Archipelago, one of the best places to dive…


Dive Instructor
Solmar V

November 1st – November 9th, 2017 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Watch our trip report here: