Monday, October 15, 2012

A windy day on the surface makes for a beautiful day to see sharks under water!

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Despite wind hitting the island from the east , we had another excellent day with great white sharks! We counted a total of 6 sharks the largest of which was a big beautiful girl named "Bella," the only adult female of the day.  We also saw 3 other adult sharks, "CC" for Cut Caudal, "Mau" short for Mauricio, and "Smiles" plus 2 juveniles one of them named Johnny and the other one that has yet to be named!
    So everything happened on the surface cages, we had them coming from all directions, one of the most amazing things to watch is how after a powerful attack at the hang bait on the surface, these creatures effortlessly glide into deep water you barely see them move a fin! Many and so close opportunities to see them from surface cages that if it was allowed you could reach and grab the pectoral fin to say Hi! My name is….. So close that you can see every wrinkle on the skin that makes you wanting to know more and more about them!
Because of the wind and boat swinging on the anchor we did only two trips down in the submersible and that was it for the rest of the day! 
            We enjoyed a water temp of 71°f as well as fantastic vis. during the morning. As the afternoon started to roll around the vis. started to decrease as the sun started to go down!
Dive Inst Daniel Zapata