Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Isla Guadalupe Trip #3!

The time flies by so fast! We’re already done with the third trip of the Guadalupe Great White Shark Season 2014 and here is the Trip Report!
The first day of the trip, we left with amazingly good weather, we had a nice smooth crossing ahead of us! As soon as we left Ensenada bay, we en countered several blue whales that were probably feeding in the area. We stopped by to check them out and fill our camera cards with some great photos! The whales were giving us a good show, however we had to leave them and continue our trek to Guadalupe Island!
We arrived early in the morning, and we had shark action about an hour after the cages opened for diving! The next four hour were non-stop action with 3 sharks around the cages the entire time, cruising back and forth trying to get the bait! Our shark wranglers did their best to not feed the curious sharks, but they got hammered by these active sharks! The submersible cage was incredible as always, we got to see a total of 10 different sharks that patrolled the boat around 40' deep. The water temperature at the surface is in the low 70's with well over 100' visibility! As always, our bow BBQ was a blast!
The sharks were kind of mellow at the surface on the second day of the trip, however the sub-cage was super busy with nearly 12 hours of non-stop action! The action was happening right at 40' where a thermocline that dipped the water temperature to 69F was keeping the sharks busy, at the end of the day we counted 8 total sharks, 4 of which hung out with us the day before! The third and final day at the island started with a beautiful sunrise and surface so sooth that we had the chance to get some amazing time lapse shots! After the sunrise, the sharks were entertained with the bait game for the rest of the day! We had less sharks on our 3rd day than on the previous two, but 3 of them gave us a good show through the afternoon! They kept us entertained until it was time to say goodbye to these majestic and misunderstood creatures that rule over the best place in the world for great white action with the best conditions! Stay tuned for the next Great White Shark Adventure with the Solmar V crew at Guadalupe Island!
Hasta La Vista amigos!
Erick Higuera

Solmar V Dive Instuctor

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