Sunday, April 14, 2013

What a way to end a day at Roca!

After a great checkout at San Benedicto, our next destination was Roca Partida! We awoke to whales breaching right by the boat and we had our seasonal sound track of the whale song playing in the background on all our dives! 
We spotted several hammerheads, and friendly manta, the white tip reef sharks were guarding Roca as usual, and on the southern point we found some galapagos sharks around a big group of jacks. Dive two we just like our morning dive, except we had even more Galapagos and hammerhead sharks! 
On our last dive of the day, we had a great black manta hanging out with our divers at around 100' with a group of 15+ hammerheads passing between the manta and the all of Roca!  We made our way to the southern point and we saw innumerable hammerheads and Galapagos sharks, with yellowfin tunas and jacks all over the place, all while we were hanging in the middle of thousands of Pacific Creoles. What a way to end a day! We're going to spend another day here so stay tuned for more Roca Action!
Until the next report
Ricardo Tamaño
Dive Instructor

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