Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March 9th Trip Dive Log

Report 12-Mar-2013

We are at Socorro, and as always Cabo Pearce didn`t let us down! We had a lot of hammerhead action, some big tunas and Galapagos sharks. The best part was there were also three playful mantas at the cleaning station that loved their bubble making friends! If we didn`t run low on air probably we would still be there. Another thing in common on all dives was the soundtrack of singing whales teasing us like never before, unfortunately we didn`t see them underwater but during the surface interval we got a magnificent nature`s show of breaching humbacks everywhere, some really close to Solmar V.
Claudio Bonato Divemaster.

Dive Report, March 13th
Today we started with one dive at Punta Tosca, with water temp was around 73º, and visibility was a bit below average. We didn't see too much action during the dive, but we found some white tips and baby galapagos sharks, but no mantas, or dolphins in this dive. We decided to move back to Cabo Pearce where we had 2 good dives with strong current, Dani's group found a big school of hammerheads and a tiger shark around them! Water temp was the same and visibility was low, We are heading to Roca Partida tonight!
Ricardo Tamaño

Report 14 mar 2013
The first day at Roca Partida couldn't have been better! First dive we got schooling silky sharks mixed with silvertips, Galapagos and hammerheads sharks!! The second dive was very similar, except that we got a very unusual visitor, a Mola Mola! Yes, a Mola Mola that may be the first one ever seen at this dive site. And if all that wasn't good enough last dive of the day three giant mantas showed up to play with all of us! What else can I say? The weather is just perfect we are probably we are going to stay 3 more days here having more dives from the best site on the planet! 
Claudio Bonato Divemaster

Dive Report March 15th, 2013

An incredible vis. of over 100’ no wind at all, the lack of current made us stay in just one area, which made for very relaxing dives. water temp was ranging from 77̊f to 73̊f, it is like being in a 3D world were all fish are suspended in mid water barely moving, swimming trough it to find on the other side a school of 30 to 40 Galapagos, 15 silver tips, a huge school of hammer heads at 90̍ ft of water! Also it was very interesting to witness of yellow fin tunas and black jacks hunting, during our surface intervals we had the opporunity to see whale breachings repeatedly, other dives we were so lucky to see again in very shallow water a tremendous school of silky sharks, while listening to the whales not stop singing.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

Dive Report, March 16th
In our 3rd day at Roca Partida we had 3 incredible dives, with warm and clear waters (75º/100+ ft vis), and uncountable sharks and tuna action. Big school of hammerheads, compact groups of Galapagos and silvertips, hunting along side of yellow fin tunas, made the day for all of us. Mild currents made the dive more enjoyable, and here we are for a 4th day at this incredible little place in the world. Until the next trip!
Ricardo Tamaño

Dive Report 17 mar 2013
It`s difficult to write how happy we were for an amazing fourth day at Roca Partida. It was great as always!  A lot of sharks of all kind and massive  schools of fish! The highlight of the day was a massive school of bonito being chase by big yellow fin tuna and a second after to be part of the school because they changed their direction to escape from their predators and that left me and some divers completely surrounded for a few minutes, to the point we couldn't see one another. That was an incredible experience that we will never forget.
Claudio Bonato Divemaster.

Dive report march 18th, 2013

On our last diving day of this trip we made 2 dives at El Boiler and 2 dives at El Cañon, in San Benedicto Island. The morning dives at El Boiler were with nice clear and warm waters, we were visited by a group of Dolphins with hammerheads moving around. At el Cañon we could see big school of hammerheads, and again the whale and her baby playing around, giving us a beatiful dive with her singing! Water remained clear and warm for the all day, and now we are heading back to Cabo San Lucas, after this special trip, looking forward to come back to this small paradise Until the next trip!
Ricardo Tamaño
Dive Instructor

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