Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our 3rd trip of the season at Isla Guadalupe!

This was our third trip of our Guadalupe season and it was another good one! The passage to the island was very smooth with calm seas, when we got there we realized that there was a strong south swell which is unusual for Guadalupe.  When it happens it usually stirs the water up and creates poor visibility which is what happened this time. So for the first day we had about 10ft visibility and 72F/21C water temperature but still we had two male great whites that came close by several times through the day.
The second day started with very similar water conditions but the swell was starting to die down and by the afternoon the water cleared up and we got our usual 80ft/24m plus Guadalupe visibility.  As soon as this happened the action started and we got more sharks. At 30ft/9m the temperature dropped to 65F/19C which made the submersible cage get a lot of action with a couple of sharks a bit deeper. On the last hour of the day once again we were visited by some of the celebrities of the island, including Zapata(Bruce) and Atlantis showed up, these are two big males that are usually very active and like to get really close to the cages giving us a really good show!  After the sunset we had another visitor on the boat this time it was our friend Mauricio Oyos, a biologist that is in charge of the study that is being done about the great whites in Guadalupe, and who knows just about everything about them! He was kind enough of giving us a talk about his study and share some of his experiences with this amazing creatures.
For sure, the last day was the best of this trip, the conditions remained very good and we had 5 sharks all day until we left with a lot of action no one wanted to get out of the cages to leave the island! We hope the conditions stay the same on the next trip so we can enjoy some good shark action keep in tune to see what happens next.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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