Monday, August 17, 2015

Our second trip to Guadalupe island was a great adventure!

Hola amigos!
Our second trip to Guadalupe island was a great adventure!
We received an eager group of videographers, photographers, and a couple of first timers, everybody was ready and excited to go see the apex predator of the ocean...the great white shark!
Once we left port and made it out of the bay we found a quite rough sea and that lasted all the way to the island. Once we were approaching we could see a cloudy sky and only the surroundings of the island were clear and sunny, which made me think that we had a great trip ahead.
Got to the island, set up all the equipment, and about 30 minutes after we had the bait in the water the first shark showed up!, a 12ft male came to try to get the bait, a few minutes later a second one joined...great start for the trip!
The water was warm for the entire trip, 22C/72F, calm the first day, but that changed for the last 2 days when it got windy and we had some little waves that made the cages be a little bumpy.
Our first day was exciting with many appearances, great passes, specially close to the surface cages, action was on and off as we had another 4 boats close to the area but that changed for the next couple of days.
For our second and third day 1boat left and the action keep going, sharks gathered around the boat having from 2 up to 5 different males around us, they came from all directions, trying to get the bait from the wranglers. We had many sharks, probably around 10 to 14 different sharks on this trip. Our submersible cage also had action, with the sharks coming very close checking us out.
On this 3 days we had the visit of at least 3 sharks the we already know, Zapata, a big 15ft male that gave us action for the 3 days, Atlantis, another big male, this one a little smaller probably around 13-14ft, with a small tail, probably the result of a fight with another male and also we had the visit of Horizon, a crazy male that makes quick but frenzy appearances trying to get the bait with quick moves and some times jumps.
Sadly 3pm on our third day of diving brought the end of the water activities on the trip, and we started our way back to Ensenada, which was very rough on our first day but yesterday morning got a lot better as we came closer to shore.
Now we await for our 3rd tip of the season, and we expect it to be as exciting as the first two!
Stay tuned because there is more shark action coming your way!
Antonio Romero

Dive Instructor

Solmar V

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