Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We had an action packed 5th trip of the season!

Hola amigos!

I can't believe how fast this season is going, we are in our 5th trip already, I guess it's because we are having too much fun!

On this trip we got a group of 18 Americans, 1 Argentinian and 1 British guest, a great group with a great vibe since they stepped off the bus at the Ensenada marina!

After the usual safety briefing and the unpacking we left port and as soon as we left the marina we noticed something, great weather! The day was sunny, the ocean was really calm, what else could we ask for on our crossing to Guadalupe?! Oh yes! A pod of common dolphins and a whale flapping it's tale at the surface came to say good bye and have nice trip!

The nice weather made us have a great night of sleep and the next morning we woke up to a cloudy day and some little waves, but nothing to worry about, once closer to the island captain slowed down and we all run outside to see what was going on and to our surprise we had a pod of about 5 cuvier's beaked whales! They are rare to see especially from a big boat as they are a very shy kind of whales, so after a couple of times of looking at them coming up to the surface to take a breath we kept going our way to Guadalupe island. Once we entered the north east bay where we are allowed to do the cage diving. It was sunny, and ocean was completely flat, great conditions for great whites! We got to our usual spot, anchored, set the hanging bait, so we could have some blood in the water to attract the sharks, we set the surface cages and boom! We already had a shark around the boat! It all seemed to point to a perfect trip, good crossing, good weather at the island, flat seas, sharks after not even 2 minutes with the bait in the water...unreal!

After briefing and suiting up, divers jumped in the water and from that moment on we had shark action non stop for the first and second day of the trip! On our third day sadly it got very windy and the sharks went into deeper water, which actually calmed down a bit for the last hour of diving and Mau and Atlantis came back to give us some great passes and a few jumps and full opened jaw pictures! Others than those hours on our third day with slow action the trip was just unreal, we had jumps, turns, sprints and all kinds of acrobatics from old shark friends like Mau, Horizon, CC, but specially Atlantis that was the star of this trip, as our friend Zapata, did not show up this time to show the rookies how a proper show is done!

Now we prepare ourselves for the 6th trip, that will bring some great cinematographers and photographers on board, so stay tuned to know who this great guys are!

Hasta la vista!

Antonio Romero

Dive Instructor

Solmar V

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