Monday, September 7, 2015

We are back from another successful trip to Guadalupe Island!

We are back from another successful trip to Guadalupe Island! This time as soon as we left Ensenada and passed Todos Santos Island there were hundreds of dolphins around the boat they followed us for at least half an hour! The crossing to the island was a bit rough but as soon as we got to the bay were we anchor it was really calm, so we dropped the anchor, set up the cages and the first group of divers went in! Fifty minutes had passed with no shark action, it was almost time for them to conclude their one hour rotation and that is when the first sharks showed up! We want everybody to have a good time so of course we gave the divers some extra time before the next group got in the water from there to the end of the trip we had sharks close by almost the entire time.
On this trip the water temperature was 71F/21C during the three days and the visibility was around 100ft/30m. We did have sharks everyday but at most times they were hanging out a bit deeper and coming to the surface for the bait quickly and going back down to enjoy the thermocline which made the dives on the submersible cage very active!
On the first day we had five different sharks, six on the second day and four on the third day most of them were young males this time from 7ft to 9ft / 2m to 3m!
The final day of the trip the wind picked up a bit which only allowed us to use the submersible cage a couple of hours but the shark action on the surface cages did not stop.
After three days of enjoying the company of the apex predator of the oceans we headed back to Ensenada with fairly good conditions to drop off another set of happy guest fuel up and get ready for another great trip out to Guadalupe!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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