Monday, February 13, 2017

February 3 - February 13, 2017 #TripReport

Hello everybody,

This is the report for the trip number 10, from February 03rd to the 13th, eleven days of scuba diving on board Solmar V in the Revillagigedo archipelago. The weather this trip was pretty good, and also with good visibility in most of the sites.

We started in San Benedicto island where we dove the day we arrived in “Las Cuevas” for the check out dive. The next two days we dove in “El Boiler” and “El Cañon” respectively.  El Boiler was great with mantas all over the place and one or two Silkies, Galapagos and Hammerhead sharks here and there. As always the mantas were super friendly, staying on top of the divers playing with the bubbles and following us all the time. In El Cañon the ocean conditions, soft current heading south, gave us the opportunity to find the school of hammerheads when we swam into the blue. Silkies, the school of jacks and groupers were under the boat too. At the cleaning station three silver tip sharks and a couple of mantas were there.

The next stop in our trip was “Roca Partida” where we stayed for two days. The days there were superb, excellent visibility and good water temperature. The current on this trip was heading northwest but not to bad for us, it was easy to handle. On the north side of the rock, we had a group of Galapagos sharks, on the south side two schools of hammerheads. Mantas around the rock, dolphins, tunas hunting and a school of skipjacks followed by silkies were there for our delight.
In Roca Partida we had the chance to see the humpback whales from the Solmar V, the mother and her calf breaching and hitting the water with the tales. The pick of the trip was when we had the chance to snorkel with the whales! We were super close to the calf and the mom! Also one of the groups at the end of the dive and waiting to be picked up for the chase boat saw the whales coming towards them from deep!

After two amazing days in Roca, we went to Socorro Island for two more days of diving. In “Cabo Pearce” we found strong current early in the morning and slowed down during the day. Mantas, three Galapagos sharks and a couple of hammerheads were on the site. The second day we went to “Roca O’Neal” where the visibility was great and we had mantas all over the place during the dive. The second dive site this day was “Punta Tosca” for the last dive of the day, where four mantas were at the cleaning station and a group of Clarion Angel fish were cleaning them.

The last stop of this trip was San Benedicto, for the last four dives in El Boiler, where we had the dolphins swimming and playing with us early in the morning. The rest of the dives were with mantas all the time.

This trip was one of the best in the season with humpback whales, mantas, dolphins, and different types of sharks. Our guest came back with great memories and a huge smile in their faces!

Dive Instructor Solmar V

Dive Conditions
Current (mild1-strong5) 2
Visibility 60ft/18m
Water temp 73F/23C

Climate Sunny
Sea (calm1-choppy5) 2

to Revillagigedo 1
to Cabo San Lucas 4