Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 24 - February 1st, 2017


Hi everyone!
We are on our way back to Los Cabos having completed once again a successful trip on board of the Solmar V liveaboard which kept our guests thrilled along the week with playfull mantas, dolphins, sharks and lots of different species that make this outstanding place one of the best diving spots in the world.

This trip started whit rough swells and windy days but the weather came to a calm state at the middle of our journey making the visibility a great allied and the light current made our dives enjoyable showing the great marine life that get around this magnificent archipielago, specially at our favorite diving spots Cabo Pearce, Roca Partida and Boiler.

The first stop this time was El Cañon in San Benedicto Island with its versatile diving and marine life diversity along the canyon, with 50+ big eye trevallies under the boat swimming on and on having their own silky shark patrol of about 6 different individuals making the best scenario for our great photographers on board. Right on the edges of the site we have great manta encounters, 4 mantas hovering on the mild current and getting their usual bubble shower. The sharks made their appearance always at the cleaning station full of life between silvertips, whitetip reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead coming up from deep water.
The weather conditions made us to take a decision and lead the boat straight to Socorro Island where the best was about to come at Cabo Pearce. On the first dive the pangas drop the divers at the perfect spot. Once we started descending, an unusual behavior took place when one dolphin came right at one of our guides and started poking his nose at his mask on a clear sign of friendly gesture, so the interaction didn´t wait to long when in a moment 7 dolphins were all over the place being pet by the divers for about an amazing 35 minutes that according to our guests, this definitely has to be one of their best dives of their lives, hard to disagree with them when this place has come to be the Dolphin Paradise! For the rest of the day the mantas were the best part of the show, with at least 6 different individuals swimming close to the rock and right at the surface. The Galapagos sharks were all over the place on a big number hunting on the deep parts, big school of 100+ tunas swimming on the blue and two of our divers got to see false killer whales right on their safety stop.
Roca Partida has risen big expectations between the divers that come to Socorro because it is humpback whale season and we were waiting the same once we got there. We could spot them at the surface but it is hard to see them underwater. Anyhow we had great diving there with 5 different mantas along the rock, 6 Galapagos sharks swimming on the deep zones the same as the hammerheads and 2 silvertips. The rock was full of life on the south point with big schools of jacks, creole fishes and yellowtail triggers.
We finished our trip at Boiler with poor visibility but great manta action, having their bubbles doze and the never ending stills and videos by our guests. At the end we got to see one tiger shark close to the sand at 35 mts / 140 ft and more Galapagos sharks swimming close to the pinnacle.

As always we are heading back to land with happy divers and lots of great memories to share with the diving world, so mission accomplished and hopefully we get to see the big mamas next trip!

Wishing the best from and for the ocean.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

Currents: Mild
Visibility: 65 ft / 20 m
Water temp: 75 F / 23 C

(On scale 0 calm - 5 rough)

Climate: Cloudy
Sea: Choppy 3/5

(On scale 0 calm - 5 rough)

To San Benedicto: 4
To Socorro: 4
To Roca Partida: 3

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