Thursday, February 28, 2013

Roca Partida, another incredible day with mama and her calf!

Hi all!
Roca Partida, a mix of emotions today!
Our day started great snorkeling with mama humpback and female calf, the pair that has been hanging around Roca the last few trips. We witnessed a beautiful behavior from a male humpback gently bumping on female’s chin in an act of courting while the calf just hovers next to them! 
While enjoying a water temp of 75°f(24°C), a vis of over 100’ our dive started place on the south point of Roca. A little bit of current made this dive even more interesting, because with current came galapagos, silver tip, white tip and some hammer heads just swimming back and forth behind a school of jacks! The current slowly drifted us to the northern point of the rock where we spotted a black manta! 
We had the chance to SCUBA DIVE with mama, calf and her escort but just for a brief period of time on our second dive! It's impossible to explain the feelings you experience these gentle giants up close, we have no words to accurately describe this relationship between  mama protects calf without saying a word, no vocalizations between them, just hovering watching over her calf.
A third dive today was amazing! From south to north point back and forward on the east side had big numbers of Galapagos and hammer heads! A mean schooling!! We could feel a male humpback was close by because of his very loud and unique vocalization.  They hit your chest  you can actually feel the vibration, it was a symphony of sounds that we were pleased to hear! 
On our safety stop we were happy to be accompanied by mama and female calf, but with no escort this time! The frame of tenderness created by mama and calf turned into tears from a few of our guests to have such a unique opportunity and to have this breath taking experience. 
Dive Instructor
Daniel Zapata.

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