Monday, June 22, 2015

Adios to Socorro until next season!

Hola amigos!
We stayed at Socorro island for our last day of diving this trip and we decided to dive “Cabo Pearce” again, as the swell was hitting “Punta Tosca”, the other dive site on the other side of the island.
We did 4 dives here and the mantas did not disappoint in any of them! Even if the conditions were not ideal, 23C/73F and a constantly changing visibility of 25ft/9m to 50ft/15m, mantas and the clarion angel fish at the cleaining stations made sure we were entertained the whole day! They didn't just get cleaned they also played with us A LOT!  To the point where we had to swim away to get rid of the mantas that kept coming over and over like little puppies for their bubble massage and when they decided to take a break of the cleaning show and our bubble massage for a few minutes then the white tip reef sharks, octopuses, peacock flounders, diamond stingrays, green morays, zebra morays, all the different kinds of reef fish, other sharks like juvenile Galapagos, a couple of hammer heads and even some playfull bottle nose dolphins took over and made sure the underwater show kept going the whole day!
What a great way to end the trip and our 2014-2015 Socorro season! Now we head back to Cabo hoping to be back in Socorros soon, but in the mean time we take good care of the boat on the dry dock this coming July and then, from August until October, we'll go have fun up in Guadalupe island cage diving with the GREAT WHITE SHARKS! Can't wait to be face to face with those beautiful animals!
We'll write to you soon!
Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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