Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4 Full Body Breaches!

  Before anything else I have to say Isla Guadalupe gave us a good morning with 2 full body sharks jumps, before our divers were in the cags!  The first one took place at 6:50 am, and the second one at 7:10am! So thoughout the day we had 2 more jumps, and the amazing thing is all the breaches happened within 20 meters of the boat!
    So for the morning and surface cages activities we had up to 4 shark (3 together at times) coming back and forth from side to side of the boat, attacking the bait from different angles also from depth to surface, vis was good up to 80ft but dropped a bit lower towards the afternoon, but we had great photo opportunities with four 9 to 12 ft long sharks and strength of this amazing and majestic  animals.
    For our certified divers, on in our sumbersible cage we had from  2 to 5 sharks at the same time. Watching the powerful animal from below offers a completely different perspective as well as some choice photo opportunities!        The last 2 hours of the day we had Mau (short for Mauricio) and Jacks in the area, plus another 3 other new sharks that we saw on our last trip! On our previous trip they unscathed, but today they all showed up with new and fresh bites, we assume fighting for territory and preys since no females have being seen this season.  Water temp ranged from 68 to 69F.
    Dive Instructor
    Daniel Zapata

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