Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi folks! Here's the latest news from Isla Guadalupe!
We had a very good day despite a slow start to the morning in the surface cages but we got rewarded for it with a full body jump! And while shark wrangling we noticed seagulls suddenly flying to another direction and landing on the surface, the reason was a predation! We are assuming a baby seal was killed by a great white shark due to little time to be consumed and only 150 yards away from the Solmar V, by the time we got to the area, there was not much left over other than  the stain of blood on the surface of the water! So we continued with shifts in the surface cages and the submersible cage onboard was a blast for divers! We had close encounters with sharks coming up and in from every where, and they were much more active! The water temp was 68F, vis did change from morning to afternoon averaging about 50' deeper than that in the submersible was a little better. We counted 6 different sharks all of which were male as is usual in August.
    Dive Instructor
    Daniel Zapata

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