Monday, September 10, 2012

A great day of shark diving followed by panga ride up the coast!

Buenas tardes from Guadalupe,

We arrived to a sunny and warm day at Isla Guadalupe, and the sharks showed up within a half hour of us setting things up. We had a 12ft. male hang out at the surface cages allowing for our first wave of divers to get some great shots. This shark was quite active and putting on a good show even for those of watching from the sun deck, waiting for their turn in the cage. The submersible cage entered the water and the first divers identified three different sharks. None were regular sharks for us, all had easily identifiable markings and unique dorsal fins. We`ll see if they show up tomorrow.
We ended diving activities around 6:30 and Gero took everyone on a panga ride to check out the elephant seals, guadalupe fur seals, and sea lions closer to shore. Once they return we`ll cap off the day with a bbq on the bow of the boat. A nice beginning to our trip here in Guadalupe. 

Until next time...
Dave Valencia

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