Sunday, September 2, 2012

Greetings From Guadalupe!

This was our second day of shark diving here in these shark infested waters! It was a day full of excitement. The sharks were hanging out deeper today so it was the submersible cage that stole the show today. We started the submersible cage at around 9am when the sharks started to get warmed up. During those first few dives we say as many as six great whites at one time! We spotted a familiar shark. Mau, who was busy jumping at the hang baits. The sharks were coming very close to the cage. One encounter that stands out was a 12ft great white was circling very close to the submersible. It was so close you could have touched it. It swam around three times consecutively and gave us some GREAT great white photo ops.
On the surface, we had two full breaches. Both breaches were not at anything in particular and were within 20ft from the boat. Unfortunately nobody was quick enough with their trigger finger to catch those on camera, but there's always tomorrow! Until next time.....

Dave Valencia

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