Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cabo Pearce was the place today!

Hi all! Cabo Pearce was the place today!
A nice current from north kept us on the shallower part of the cleaning station using our reef hooks, just hovering there waiting for everything to come to us. We had several mantas hang out with us each for a few minutes, although not all at once. Wild dolphins stopped by for a couple of minutes before rushing off, it seemed like if they were in a rush to get to somewhere! Between breaths were able to hear whales singing, and we were hoping to see them underwater because we spotted them from the boat not too far from the dive area.
For dive #2 we decided to do a zodiac dive. On the way to the second dive we saw a humpback calf resting on the surface, so we took a quick turn and headed in his direction. We approached very slowly as to not startle the baby whale, 6 of our divers got in the water very slowly with cameras and snorkels without making any noise! What they saw was a mother humpback whale with her calf resting just below her fins!!! After this amazing encounter, we decided to put our scuba gear back on and spend more time underwater! At 50`of water and swimming along the wall got to see a school of yellow fin tunas, a hammer head also! We had no current at all on this dive so we all hung around the cleaning station again where we had this chevron manta kept coming back for more bubbles! The vis on this dive was less than the previous one which kept us shallower over the cleaning station area for the whole dive, where we got to know every little fish living here and a black manta! The water temp always from 79° to 77°
Dive Inst 
Daniel Zapata

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