Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The word of the day is magical!

Hi all! 
Cabo Pearce at Isla Socorro seems to be the place to dive again! So we have our on board Marine Biologist Eric, Claudio Dive Inst and myself Daniel guiding 3 groups and having A WHALE OF FUN diving! 
As we descended on the rope for the first dive we noticed a vis of 80’ and a water temp of 75°F, nice to say there was no current which made the dive easy to many! So the cleaning station was very busy once again, we were eye witness of 2 mantas a black one and a chevron being serviced by 15 to 20 clarion angelfish! The mantas swim so slow and stop right in front of you and right above you because they enjoy the bubbles on their belly, and not even in deep water! We spebt 50 minutes diving with these gentle critters at only 30'! Eventually we had to end our dive because we were getting low on air! This was a great way to start the day and we could hear in the backgroun whale’s song, our underwater soundtrack for throughout humpback season! It was MAGICAL!!!
On our second dive we explored along the reef a bit more, all the way to the end and back, spying a hammer head here and there, white tip sharks, the mantas again, maybe it sounds familiar! But I am blowing out your mind now saying we had the encounter with 3 humpbacks whales at the depth of 50’ one came back 3 minutes later to stop swimming for a second right in front of us!!! IT’S MAGICAL NOW ISN’T IT!!!!
A third dive went easy swimming on the reef, I have to say thanks nitrox for letting stay longer!  As we go lobsters, scorpion fish, moray eels, octopus, lots of reef fish! But then is time to turn around and head back for a nice safety stop,  a nice advice to you is always look below, up,
left and right because we got lucky again! 3 humpbacks again but now they were flying over our heads chasing each other! That is a Whale of power! We feel bad for the fish behind its flukes! So we got out the water with a breathtaking mix of marine life, but we're not done yet! We spotted false killer whales! Let’s go! We got to see them snorkeling although didn’t want hang out for too long! But it was FUN!!!
Roca Partida Mañana siiiiiiiii!!!
Dive Inst Daniel Zapata

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