Monday, February 18, 2013

What a way to start our 11th trip, with a super friendly manta!

Hi Folks!

We started our latest Socorro adventure with a very friendly manta on our checkout dive!
We arrived at San Benedicto Island at about 4:30 pm, so we had only enough time to dive in the north point of the island. The visibility was about 70' and a water temperature of 75 F/23 C which mean the conditions were good. We checked out the crevices where normally the white tip reef sharks relax on top of each other, also, next to the white tips there was a HUGE green
turtle that slept in the crevice, I said "huge" because it was really big! (Like 3ft of diameter!)
Anyway, we went over the shallow reefs of this dive site just to check what else we could find and there were few other turtles just chilling around. And then, this friendly female chevron manta made her apperance, wow! She stayed, hanging out and paying with everyone's bubbles that were ending at the surface, we run out of air and she was still there wanted to play,
sorry my friend but we got to go! It´s getting dark and we don´t have enough air to stay with you, we´re sorry! That is what we all thought before we got out of the water 
Tonight, we´ll head for Socorro after the Taquisa. Stay tuned for more Solmar V adventures in Revillagigedo´s Islands! What a way to start our 11th Socorro´s trip, with a super friendly Manta!
Erick Higuera

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