Wednesday, May 15, 2013

After a windy day yesterday, the ocean made it up to us today.

It`s been a redeeming day here at Isla Socorro. After a windy day yesterday, the ocean made it up to us today.
This morning as we prepared to dive at Cabo Pearce we spotted Humpback Whales in the area as well as dolphins not far from the boat. This had to be a good omen. On our first dive, we had warm water (74 degrees F) and great vis 50-60ft. As we made our way to the cleaning station, dolphins made a fly by through all the groups. They didn`t stay long, unfortunately, but everyone had a good look and for some it was their first time ever seeing dolphins on a dive! On the cleaning station, mantas were already there pulling in and getting cleaned. There were two at first then there was only one. This one circled around again and again visiting all divers, but in the end always keeping a little distance. The manta still gave us some great attention and action. Some hammerheads were there and we continued to see them as they swam from the blue to the cleaning station and back. At the end of the dive we moved to the other side of the cleaning station and found a third smaller manta making the rounds with the clarion angelfish. We watched from a distance as we enjoyed watching it circle around getting covered in those bright orange fish.
Our second dive had to be the highlight of the day. We had a different manta circling the cleaning station. But this one was VERY friendly. This manta gave some their best manta dive ever, as it circled us all dive long. The manta even allowed us to blow bubbles underneath as she soaked them all up. It was great! At the end of the dive another manta showed up, 
seemed uninterested in us and led our friendly manta away. I guess every great dive has to end and this was one we will never forget!
The third and fourth dives were a bit slower as we didn`t have any visitors of the manta kind. Instead we scoured the reef for interesting fish and invertebrates. Some of us were treated to some dolphins as we did our safety stop. There were six very curious dolphins and they just appeared from the blue. They even had a baby with them. Very cool... we got back in the panga after we thought they left and the showed up again. We, of course, put our fins back on and jumped back in. They gave us a look and swam away. Dolphins and their dolphin games....
Even with the dolphins teasing us, it was a great day. Our guests are all smiles and looking forward to another nice one at San Benedicto tomorrow.
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

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