Friday, May 24, 2013

Roca Partida was once again astonishing!

After 3 days of wind, we finally made it to Roca Partida and once again, it was astonishing!
 We did 3 dives and all of them were full of hundreds of Black, Whitemouth and Bigeye Jacks, besides the Whitetip Reef Sharks that always find shelter in the pockets of Roca.
In the morning dive, the silvertip sharks were pursuing a massive school  of bonitos that swam in all directions trying to escape from these predators. By the second dive the pursuit has ended and the silvertip and galapagos sharks came back to the wall to patroll the pinnacle, which it was great because we could get as many close ups as we wanted.
While one of our group of divers drifted along of schooling Hammerhead Sharks, another group played with a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins that escorted a group of 200 pounds Yellowfin Tunas.
Every single diver had incredible moments with the pelagic life that normally shelters at Roca.
Tonight we will back to San Bencedicto to give another try to the Mantas for one more last time before we head back to Cabo San Lucas.
Stayed tuned and wait to hear the news from San Benedicto, maybe baitballs, maybe sailfishes, maybe dozens of Mantas…You never know what you might run in to, let’s see what we find!
Erick Higuera

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