Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Solmar V had a great day today and it`s only the beginning.

Hola everybody!
The Solmar V had a great day today and it`s only the beginning.
It was our first day of the trip nd we arrived to San Benedicto around 4:30 pm. We decided to check out Las Cuevas. The visibility was great at 60 ft plus (20m+) and the water temp was very warm at 75 degrees (F). We started the dive with a large male green sea turtle swimming by, we thought that was a good sign. The caves were very clear and filled with fish. There were even a few white tip reef sharks sleeping in the corner. We tried not to disturb them and started for the shallows. There was a turtle then, then another, and another. Excited by the turtle surprise we watched quietly and watched them circle us. Along the small ledge that borders the shallows was another cave filled with white tip reef sharks. They allowed us to creep very close and seemed not to be bothered. After
our shark interaction, we wacthed an octopus hunt in the light of day. The bluefin trevally were harassing the poor guy and nipping at the octopus everytime it almost caught something. Finally we slowly made our way to the boulder area that borders the sand. There were lots of giant pacific electric rays, that are not giant at all by the way. We even saw at least a dozen southern stingrays. This dive was terrific and a nice way to start our trip. Our divers were good so we decided to motor to Roca Partida tonight!
Here`s to more great dives!
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

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