Monday, May 27, 2013

Dolphins at el Boiler!

San Benedicto, El Boiler!
We know diving is a ton of fun and diving this area can be full of excitement, so our expectations were high.  Our first dive of the morning took place mostly on the west side of the rock with dolphins at all different depths, some of us had them in front, others underneath our fins doing what they seem to enjoy the most, ---slowly free fall into depth belly up---  while another group of divers had them almost on the surface! So dolphins every where we can say! We saw4 hammer head and 1 Galapagos sharks were swimming circles in a small area near the bottom while we were playing with the dolphins, although we made it all the way around the
rock we didn't find any mantas on this dive! We had beautiful blue water, no current, lots of
fish and a 75°F temperature!
A second dive took place at Cabo Fear in San Benedicto, water conditions were still just about perfect. A we decided to swim away from the dive site and out into to the blue.  A massive school of jacks were there making a spiral shape, a silky shark went by and got lost in the jacks. A hammerhead followed suit, and as we made our way back towards the reef, we noticed a green sea turtle gliding along the bottom below us. More dolphins showed up during our safety stop, so some of our guests got their scuba gear off and jumped back in with just a snorkel, mask, and fins!  We also found a baitball that had sailfish and 15-20 silky sharks!  
We ended our day at el Canon with hammerheads and lots of burrito grunts! Stay tuned for the video trip report!
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Daniel Zapata

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