Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our adventure began before we got to Isla Guadalupe!

An hour and thirty minutes after our departure to Isla Guadalupe, we ran into a school of white sided dolphins we did a few loops they all cooperated doing jumps, surfing the waves together in front of boat but that's not all! Two blue whales were there too although they didn't get as close to the boat as the dolphins! 
We had a beautiful weather here at the island, all day sunny, no wind at all and smooth surface, air temp from 24° to 26°C. It was only about 30 minutes after we got our divers in the cages when spotted the first shark, we only saw it pass by about 50’ from the boat, which we can estimate thanks to the 100' visibility. The methodical shark was taking its time to around the cages, it was cool to have the opportunity to observe it in great detail.  By lunch time we had seen 4 different sharks, including Pancho Villa, a 13' male but he didn't stay for long.  It was good to see him though, I know we'll see him again soon. Pancho Villa was the only identified shark of the day, the other sharks remain unidentified! As usual our day ended up with a pleasant panga ride to the elephant seals, Guadalupe seals, nurseries buy Geronimo!
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Daniel Zapata

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