Monday, September 30, 2013

It was a great day to see great whites!

A beautiful day at the island, flat ocean, no wind, sunny, no clouds!! We started the day with one very active shark that showed up at 6:50 am. This large shark was soon joined by his friend, so we decided it was time to get the submersible cage into the water! From then on the  dropped the submersible cage into the water and for the rest of the day it was a blast! Sharks were coming around the submersible from every direction, the excitement inside of the cage was very high!  For the most part we had 3 sharks around the cage, coming from every which way and opening their mouth, showing teeth! We like watching when they come straight up from depth, because it clearly shows their brown and white color distinctive of them before they make their way to the surface cages.  It was funny to see a seal swimming and chasing two white sharks beneath the Solmar V where they like to hide! Water temp was in the high 60's with a vis of 80'+! It was a great day to see great whites! 
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Daniel Zapata

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