Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our first dive report from Isla Guadalupe!

We woke up with to a cloudy sky, at some point along the day felt a little of rain, day temp 64F.  Today we counted up to 7 or 8 different sharks, the first one showed up at 6:50 am to start the day! This unidentified 9' male kept us very exited on the surface, while he was circling the cages below.  Soon after a second shark joined us but stayed mostly down deep and didn't spend much time at the surface.The submersible cage was busy going up and down, allowing our certified divers a closer look at the two to three great whites hanging around at 50-60'.
The sharks were taking their time cruising slowly the whole time, the vis. was great as always up to 100’.  Just before lunch time things started to pickup, we had even more sharks, with as many as 5 in one frame and it was busy from that moment on! From the submersible cage we watched as the massive sharks did several partial breaches! The great whites were coming so close to the cage, we had great photo opportunities, and at 4:00 we met an unexpected guest!  Zapata, a  popular15'+ male showed up for even better photo ops!  Right about the same time we had a couple dolphins hanging around the boat, keeping our surface guests excited!  Today the only identified shark was Zapta, the others were all 9-12' long males with no tag.  We finished the day with a sunset panga ride along the nurseries of baby elephant seals courtesy of Geronimo!
Dive Inst.
Daniel Zapata

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