Thursday, September 19, 2013

The girls are starting to arrive at Guadalupe! We had lots of action and 5 different sharks today!

We had a very good day with lots of action counting up to 5 different sharks, we started seeing sharks as as early as 7:00 am and we spotted the first unidentified female, she was about 12ft with a ton of energy.  She exhausted that energy breaching several times, which got everyone excited! 2 Other males joined her and kept us on the edge our seats!  The surface cages were busy with all the activity of the sharks, and the submersible cage was going off.  The female was circling around the submersible cage, up to the surface cages, and then back down around the submersible!  There might have been another female there, that we had trouble identifying, but this is a sign the girls are starting to arrive at Guadalupe! The visibility was great at near 100' until the late afternoon when it started to drop, water temp was 70F (good for a 7mm wet suit) with the air temp at 77F with a very enjoyable southern wind!
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Daniel Zapata

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