Monday, September 1, 2014

Isla Guadalupe Trip #5

Trip Report #5
We arrived to Guadalupe Island around 8:30 am the last Sunday. After the briefing the people were ready to jump in the water. Unfortunately on this trip we suffered the effects of a huge storm in the south. The three days of diving we had big waves so we couldn’t use the submersible cage for safety reasons.
The first day was the best day; we saw three or four great white sharks coming and going during the day. In the afternoon the activity slowed down, murky water slowly covered the area so we had to stop the activity earlier.
The second day started slow; the first hours we had one or two sharks passing, but most of them stayed in deep water; probably because this was the day with the biggest waves, from eight to ten feet.
The last day because of the big waves the day before the visibility was poor and the shark activity slow in the morning. Around eleven, the water cleared up a little and the waves were going down so we started to see more sharks chasing the bait. The rest of the day until the time to depart, three sharks were there, a couple of times one of them breached so the people onboard had the opportunity to take pictures.
In general the people had fun this trip, they made video and pictures of the sharks inside the cages and outside when they breached. We wanted to see more activity and be able to use the submersible cage, but everybody understood that this is nature and we have to adapt to what she wanted to give us on that particular moment and we enjoyed it.
It’s always incredible to see these beautiful animals interacting with us the visitors.
Pablo DM onboard

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