Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Isla Guadalupe Trip #11!

Hi friends!

Here we are on our trip number 11 of our Guadalupe season!
Day 1, we had all of our guests on the boat ready to go and after doing our safety drill at about 1:30pm...off we go!...saying good bye to the marina sea lion colony and starting our crossing once again to the blue water island!
The crossing was a little rough with medium to high swell, air temperature on the low 70's but that didn't change the mood on the boat, the crew was joking and laughing as always and the guests where very excited and couldn't wait for the next morning to come and get in the water with the magestic Guadalupe great whites!
We woke up the next morning to a nice sunny day, air temperature was on the medium to high 70's and at about 8:30am we saw the island!...everybody started asking at what time we would be in the water and it was at 9:30 when we anchored at the island and at 9:50 the first diver hit the water!...after 40 minutes of throwing bait in the water the first shark showed up!...a big female of about 14ft. came to say hello to our divers and take the first peace of chum!, while clouds would come down from the top of the island like a cloud waterfall...excellent show!
After that people started going into the submersible cage with Instructor Dany, who was happy to take our GoPro camera to show everybody on the saloon TV what was happening down at 25ft.! There the water was pretty warm, 73F, whats made us think maybe action was not gonna be so good, but the rotation kept going all day with some on and offs on the shark action. That day we saw 4 different sharks, 3 males and the big female that kept coming around until 6pm exciting everybody in the cages!
After all that excitement we finished our day with a great mexican BBQ that our chef Tony prepared for us!..excellent tacos and off to bed!

Next day in the morning we woke up to a windy day, what made us take the decision of not going in to the submersible cage that day, putting our guests safety first as always on Solmar V!
Anyway the back cages had rotation all day until about 4:40pm, when sharks stop coming by, in total we had 7 different sharks, 1 of them a big 14ft female and the rest were all about 10-12ft males, a stripped marlin that swing by the cages and also a California sea lion that made everybody think...What are you doing here??? Don't you see the great whites???....after dancing around the cages and trying to get the chum that hangs from the boat on a plastic box, with no success, swam away unharmed.

Last day of cage diving on this trip and again 8am...first diver in the water!
It took only 25 minutes this time for our first visitor to come by...a 12ft. Male great white started the show and every body started asking us...submersible cage today???...and the answer was YES!...at 8:30 we started the rotation on that cage and it didn't stop until 3pm!...we had a lot of action down at 25ft. Where the 2 12ft males came around several times swimming really close to the cage and giving our divers a great show!

At the end we think the high water temperature is giving us less shark action but once again another great Guadalupe Solmar V trip!

Dive Instructor
Solmar V

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