Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trip report #6 at Guadalupe Island!

Six trips in a row and the action is still on regardless the water conditions from the last trip.
On this trip, after dropping the anchor at 8:00 am as soon as we put the first bait in the water and the first out of 5 sharks made his appearance; a 13’ male immediately rammed the bait taking it away of Gerardo’s hands, the Captain! That was fast! Anyway, the rest of day those 5 sharks kept patrolling the SolmarV. The water temperature is still warm, around 73F, which is not typical for the surrounding waters of Guadalupe where normally is in the high 60’s, however, the visibility has been great, at least 70’!
The second day was kind of slow there were several moments during the day where the sharks remained down deep at 40’, right below the thermocline, but that is the exact depth where we lower the submersible cage up to, so, we had a busy second day in senses of diving the submersible. The sharks literally passed at just 5’ away of the cage, it was pretty good!
The third and last day at the island started super slow, no signs of any shark at all, we did a morning dive in the submersible and the “apex” predators weren’t around the SolmarV, perhaps were been entertained by a school of juicy tunas, who knows…
Until noon, to save the best for last, one of our favor sharks the insane “Crazy Luis” aka Bite Face, showed up to hang around till we left at 3; folks let me tell you that we almost run out of bait because this crazy dude; he also attracted the attention of 2 juvenile sharks that all together delivered an epic show, what a way to close the sixth trip!
Stay tuned for the next adventure at Guadalupe Island with the SolmarV amigos and the “little” whities!
Hasta la próxima!

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