Monday, September 15, 2014

Isla Guadalupe Trip #8!

Guadalupe Island trip report
We arrived to the island around 8:30 am on Thursday the 11th. 
After forty minutes or so, the stern cages were ready to go and the people started to jump in the water excited to see some Great White Sharks. At first the day was slow, the first hour we didn´t see sharks; but for the second rotation things changed and the Great White started to show up! During the rest of the day we saw six sharks coming and going, so the guest were taking turns to go in the cages, the two cages on the stern and the submersible was going up and down all day.
The second day was the day with more activity in the submersible cage; up to three sharks were swimming around us and they came pretty close too! So close that some divers had the feeling that they were able to touch the animal. In the surface cages the action was good too. The shark called “Mau” was chasing the bait continuously and some times breaching. In total we saw four Great White during the day.
For the last day things started slow, the first hours we didn’t have activity and it was after nine a.m. that we saw the first shark. During the day we saw three Great White, “Mau” included. Part of the day the visibility was really bad, so we couldn´t use the submersible cage.
The water conditions were not the best for this trip because the last storm that passed the island. It was raining for three days with big swells, so when we arrived we still had the remaining’s with poor visibility and water temperature of 73ºF at the surface and 71ºF at 30 feet.
On this trip our guest were very excited because for some of them it was the first time they experienced SCUBA diving, for some others the first time they saw the Great White Shark. Also we had people who were in Guadalupe with us before and people who have seen great whites in South Africa. Guest from different countries, USA, Canada, UK, France and Germany but all with one thing in common love for the nature and all happy after five days trip to Guadalupe island onboard the Solmar V!
Pablo DM onboard

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