Monday, October 20, 2014

Awesome great white action on our 2nd to last trip to Isla Guadalupe!

Hello friends!
Our last regular Guadalupe trip of this season before we head down south on our Guadalupe-Socorro
Islands combo trip! As always everybody arrived to the boat extremely excited to go get in the water with the apex predator of the ocean, the Great White shark! All of our guests were ready to go and after doing our safety drill at about 1:45pm we left Ensenada harbor, off we go! This time some whales on the distance said good bye to us as we left Ensenada and headed towards Guadalupe island!
The crossing was very smooth with very small swell, air temperature on the mid 70's and a light breeze that made our way out to the island very pleasant. Next morning we woke up to a cloudy day and at about 8:45am we got to the island! By 9am bait was in the water and after a short while to set the surface and submersible cages and do our dive briefing we had our first divers in the water by 10am!! It was not until 12:30 when the first shark showed up, a 12ft male, that came straight to get the bait! Action kept going as it stick around and about 40 minutes later a big 14ft female showed up to keep going with the show! Everybody was super excited and the surface cages and the submersible cage stayed full of divers until about 4:40pm when sharks decided to take a break until the next day and the wind made us stop the fun on the submersible cage, so after 6pm quick shower, guests had some nice cold cervezas and then everybody enjoyed a delicious BBQ prepared by our chef Tony to finish the first great day of the trip!
Second day we had the bait in the water at 6am and everybody was so excited that they were already
asking “when can we go in the water?” so at 7am first few divers went in the water! Some of them even skipped breakfast to be the first ones in the water! Skipping breakfast was worth it, because at 7:40am first shark showed up! A 12ft male came by, a few minutes later another male came to say good morning  and both of them stayed all day long with us giving us a great show especially in the submersible cage where they swam very very close and slowly checking us out! Then it got very exciting when the big male breached out of the water getting the bait and splashing our diving platform! By the end of the day it got quite windy so again submersible cage had to come to an end   and sharks went away doing only a few passes in about 40ft of water several times before the end of the day.
Last day of cage diving on this trip and again at 7am we had our first divers in the water! It took only 45 minutes this time for our first visitor to come by a 12ft. male great white started the show and every body started asking us about the submersible cage today... And the answer was YES! At 8:30 we started the rotation on that cage and it didnt stop until 3pm! We had a lot of action down at 25ft., not as much at the surface but everybody was enjoying themselves! The crossing back was a little rougher specially at night and the next morning was little better, and we spotted hundreds of white side dolphins coming back into Ensenada what made everybody run outside with their cameras...a great end for our GREAT trip!
Dive Instructor
Solmar V

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