Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 2 at Isla Benito!

 Oct 26/2014
As early as 7:30 we were divinv the pinncale off of the west side of Isla Benito del Este, it reminds us of Roca Partida in the Revillagigedo Islands because of the depth and the sort of wall diving, but this one is covered from bottom to top with kelp, making it a spectactular dive.  The seals were there again, along with lots of yellow tail jacks, and no current making this an easy enjoyable dive, the visibility was clear enough that we could see the sandy bottom clearly, which was down at 150'.
A second dive took place on the northern side of Benito del Este, in the kelp forest attached to rocks from 70' to the surface, we dove with more seals who let us know we were in their territory!  It was a good 55 minute long dive, watching the kelp move, other fish, and acrobatics from the funny seals.
To end the day we returned to Benito del Oeste for more fun dives with seals due to wind starting to hit the area.  It was funny to do one dive that we got to an area so shallow, we actually were actually in waist deep water, watching elephant seals on the beach, just like navy seals approaching the shore!
The last dive of the day was divided into two gruops, one went scuba diving, the other went to find a juvenile snapper bait ball, a huge one, we also did some snorkeling really close to some massive elephant seals!  We had a big time here making great memories and experiencing diving at Islas San Benito!
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Daniel Zapata

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