Tuesday, October 14, 2014

9 different great whites on our latest trip to Isla Guadalupe!

Trip report October 5,14
We arrived to Guadalupe Island around 8:30 am. After we anchored the boat, Erick one of the Dive masters, started with the briefing for the cage diving. In the meanwhile the rest of the crew were preparing the cages and the wrangling platforms. The first two groups of four divers jumped in the water at 9:30 in the stern cages. At eleven, the submersible cage went down with the first couple and one Dive master. The water temperature was 75F at the surface and 73F at 30 feet of water; the visibility the first day was 45 to 50 feet. After forty minutes the first shark showed up at the shallow cages and she stayed around for a while. In total we saw three sharks the first day, coming and going all day long!  The second day Emma, a 15 feet female shark showed up in the morning; she gave us a good show throughout the day. The divers had the opportunity to see her in the submersible cage as well as at the surface.
The last day was very exciting, one male shark came very close to the shallow cages a couple of times, our guests had numerous chances to get some that perfect shot!  We had some guests that got a photo with their jaws wide open, others got a few with the sharks biting the bait. Overall, we had a good trip, we saw nine different sharks over three action packed days with sharks breaching and coming very close to the cages!
Pablo DM onboard

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