Friday, October 31, 2014

A phenomenal start to our Socorro season on Day 10 of our combo Guadalupe-Socorro trip!

Hello friends!
Day 10 on our combo Guadalupe-Socorro trip! After navigating for 39 hours from Bahía Magdalena to Roca Partida, we are finally at Socorro's Islands and what a way to start this Socorro season! We started our day with a nice breeze and very calm seas, everybody was very excited to go in the water and see what Roca Partida had for us, but we were also a little uncertain of what we were going to find as we haven't been here for about 4 months.
Anyway, by 7:45 am everybody was suited up and ready for Dani's dive briefing, and by 8 am we were off in the pangas! First dive we went in the water and a mild northwest current was present and temperature was  27C/82F what made our diving day very comfortable, so after a few minutes into the dive we found a WHALE SHARK!!!A huge pregnant female of about 40ft showed up along with a pod of bottle nose dolphins that played around it to say welcome back to Roca Partida! They came for a few minutes and then they disappeared into the blue, on this first dive we also had a couple of hammerheads, silver tip sharks, one silky shark chasing a school of bonitos, and of course the local residents of the rock like white tip reef sharks, lobsters, green morays and also as a plus to our first dive a chevron manta that swam under our divers at about 35m/115ft.
Second and third dive didn't disappoint, mantas kept showing up, we counted in total 3 mantas, 2 chevron and a black manta that is been hanging out at Roca Partida since May! Galapagos sharks swimming at around 40m/130ft, few hammerheads and the whale shark was still there and actually at the end of the day after looking at the pictures and videos we saw that there were actually 3 different 40ft/12m whale sharks, the 3 of them females and pregnant!
Now time to enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our excellent chef Tony, look at todays pictures and recharge batteries for tomorrow's dives at Roca Partida again as we expect nice weather and ofcourse we are all crossing our fingers so this 3 huge whale sharks are still around!

I don't think there could have been a better way to start this Socorro season...stayed tuned and happy bubbles!
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