Wednesday, February 11, 2015

At Socorro Island we found schooling hammerheads and friendly mantas with humpback song playing in the background.

Hi All Feb 10, 2015.
We continue our trip with phenomenal weather, with a gorgeous sunrise starting just before 7:00 am!
The ocean surface couldn’t be any better, visibility was enough to see San Benedicto from here, 40NM/74KM, the dolphins were already here, it was a very peaceful and beautiful morning, air temp 24˚C/75.2˚F.
The Solmar V is in position ready to start putting divers in the water, dive briefing did not take too long, but the 7 second long spout from a hump back whale distracted us, she was hiding just 15m/50ft away from us then she floated herself needing fresh air rising out of the water from head to dorsal fin, the force of spout, the sound of air pressure of a live mama exhaling it’s body can’t describe it, you got hear it, to live and feel the experience!
So everybody rushed to jump in, the vis here in Cabo Pearce didn’t make it possible to see it, only 7 to 12m/22.9 to 40' max, and since there was a current from South we took advantage of it and decided to go look for hammerheads. This morning was very generous, it didn't take too long to find a school of about 30 hammerheads ranging from 8-10' long! The secret to being successful was to move the least amount possible in order to have them come as close as 4 to 5m/12 to 15ft away! At first they were barely shadows in the green water, then it got really better, all those sharks coming out that water transitioning from shadows into powerful animals, coming straight at us before slowly turning in front of all divers, really don’t want to move or blow a bubble to keep them the most possible in front but as slow as they showed up they swam into the green water again leaving the expression on everyone underwater one of success!
Dolphins were not as interested today, not many in the area as well, maximum 6 individual showed up early in the morning and late afternoon, good timing! They arrive, we are out the water enjoying of a gorgeous flat surface reflecting clouds.
For the rest of the day we made 3 more dives, our encounters with mantas was excellent! Despite lower vis, no place, no corner of the dive area without mantas, at times up to 6 together, those moments with cero current we had the opportunity to explore the reef from beginning to end, of course mantas following us all the way!
More Hammer heads were randomly here and there, white tips as always laying on the bottom saving energies for the nightly feast, the 12m/40ft deep cleaning station got attentions as well, lots of barber fish came to stay, Pacific creolefish were also active feeding on lots of nutrients drifting in a shifting direction current, it is green water for divers but rich and beneficial to fish.
Hump backs were still around, they are now keeping a distance from us on the surface, underwater that distance seems diminished by the sound travelling so fast that make you feel they are just an arm away! Harmonious vocalizations, sharp, intensive, sound waves hit you on the chest, can’t describe it more! There are things you have to experience by yourself!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata 
Solmar V

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