Friday, February 27, 2015

We are back at San Benedicto, and what a way to start the trip!

We are back at Revillagigedo and what a good way to start the trip! Yesterday evening we got to San Benedicto Island and this morning we were ready to start diving at el canon. The water temperature was 75f/24C and visibility around 60ft/18m witch was perfect for four dives there! The first dive was the one with the most action, there was mild current but at El Cañon that is good because there are more chances to see hammerhead sharks that way. First we went down to one of the cleaning stations on the edge of the canyon and there were around 20 hammerheads passing in front of us still not that close after 10 minutes of seeing that we started to hear some dolphins and as usual as soon as we heard them we looked a bit and there they were six very playful bottle nose dolphins, they stayed around for a bit until a school of jacks passed by and then they were more interested on breakfast time than the divers! Then it was time to start getting shallower and right before we were going to do our safety stop a school of 25 hammerhead sharks started going around in circles underneath us at 40ft/14m so we extended the dive a bit and when it was time to try to do our safety stop again a giant pacific manta showed up and finished the dive with us!
On the rest of the dives we had lots of hammerheads all day long schools of twenty and thirty, big schools of jack, whales singing, a sea turtle and even one big tiger shark. El Cañon was going off and to end the day just as the sun was setting a baby humpback whale started breaching right next to the boat!
The weather was really good today and it seems like it’s going to stay that way so we decided to head off to Roca Partida to see what waiting for us there!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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