Saturday, February 21, 2015

Once again we leave the islands with the same feeling of wanting to come back!

Today was our last day of the trip and once again we leave the islands with the same feeling of wanting to come back. We woke up in San Benedicto and started with two dives at El CaƱon, visibility was about 40ft/12m and temperature 75f/24C. As soon as we hit the water for the first dive you could hear the dolphins but at first we did not see them so we made our way up to the cleaning station on the edge of the canyon too see if the hammerheads were there, there were no hammerheads but we saw four bottlenose dolphins, the were not so playful with us but that was ok because they were two adult ones teaching some juveniles how to hunt some hacks witch was truly amazing to see. After the dolphins left we moved to the other side of the canyon were we saw the hammerheads three of them very close and the rest of the school maybe about  ten outside the canyon in deeper waters. On the second dive we did not have so much action until the end of the dive were we had one big chevron manta going around us for the last fifteen minutes.
As the visibility was a bit low and we heard a report that on the other side of the island at El Boiler the water was very clear we did our last two dives there and it was awesome with very clear water around 80ft/24m visibility. There were lots of mantas, at one point we had six of them with the group of divers at the same time and they were interacting so much that at the end we managed to get a group photo with twenty divers holding a flag from their dive shop in Germany with a manta right on top, it was a perfect way to end the trip. Now we head back to Cabo San Lucas with very calm waters making it a very smooth ride, hoping to get there tomorrow and prepare the boat for another wonderful trip out to Socorro islands next week.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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