Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mantastic was the way we closed this unforgettable trip!

Mantastic was the way we closed this already incredible and unforgettable trip, diving at El Boiler! 
On our last day of the trip we dived at El Boiler all day long doing all the four dives. In the 7AM morning dive, the visibility was about 50’/15 m and a water temperature of 75 F/24 C and no current at all. We headed to the west side of the pinnacle looking for some friendly Mantas but no sign of them, however, we spent sometime taking photos of the hundreds of lobsters that inhabit this incredible pinnacle. Then we moved to the south of the reef and there they were! Initially a chevron manta made her first appearance and went right after one of the divers bubbles, got her bubble massage and moved to another diver, that is when 2 other Mantas showed up to be part of the sparkling party, too. The dolphins hadn’t arrived yet.
The second dive of the day and 5 Mantas, 2 super friendly black ones and 3 chevron awaited already at the north of the pinnacle, then we heard the dolphins approaching and yes they were coming! 10 dolphins cruised by and only two of them this time stopped to acrobatically swam around us before taking off and disappeared in the blue. After the dolphins took off, we spent the rest of the dive with these 5 friendly Mantas.
The last two dives of the trip were full of non-stop manta interaction and lots of swimming under giant mantas that never got tired of our bubbles, in fact because all of the 18 divers from this trip had gathered together in the same spot to played with the mantas, created a huge curtain of bubbles that made the mantas even more excited to be there.
That is the way the mantas should be treated all the time, with good practices, codes and respect, so for sure they will respect us back and treat us the same way we do to them.
This is how we ended the dive adventure of this EPIC trip!!
Stayed tuned for the next trip adventures with the Solmar V Team!
Hasta la próxima!

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