Sunday, June 12, 2016

Check out dive with 50 Red Tailed Trigger Fish

It is 12:30 pm and another 75km/40 NM miles to go, San Benedicto Island in sight, we are being escorted by bottlenose and white sided dolphins.
Our crossing has been fantastic! Flat surface, barely wind blowing, no swells and of course a sunny day!

Las Cuevas dive site was the end of our long journey, from the surface we are able to see the big boulders at 18m/60ft of water. Immediately jack fish started to congregate under the boat, we are standing on the swim step ready to do our giant stride entry when a silky shark swims by at 2m/6ft below surface, finally we jumped into, nice surface water temp 25℃/77℉, using the aid of a descent line we got to 15m/ 50ft, rapidly water temp changed decreasing a few degrees 23℃/73℉, we did some swim along the boulders area to stretch legs, Giant Electric Rays, Lobster, Diamond Head sting rays, a few white tip sharks were there for us, it was time to come back up shallower where the water felt a lot warmer right away! The caves were packed with Burrito Grunts, lobsters walking along the bottom rocks, other areas were nice to see with lots of very healthy hard coral. A friendly green turtle swims by and a sting ray chased it away!
50 Red Tail Trigger Fish just swimming in circles in such a small area! So it was a nice relaxed check out dive getting ready for tomorrow’s dive.

We are spending the night in the south area of the Island called El Cañon, it is 20:30 we already have 6 to 8 silky sharks around the Solmar V, not visible yet but dolphins are near by we can hear the slapping of the surface with their tails.

Dive Inst, Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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