Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Never disappointed, one of the remarkable things of Roca Partida is known for it’s great visibility.

We are starting with stormy weather, however our reward was to play with about 15 dolphins at the beginning of our first dive. 

Throughout the day the beautiful blue visibility, lets us see more than 30m/100ft from surface all the way down to the bottom. Great wall dive with lots of hard coral, lobsters, green moray eels, lots of small fish making several cleaning stations for Pacific creole fish, trumpet fish and more, of course we can’t go without seeing one white tip reef shark because they are all over, including pregnant females almost ready to burst! Some other areas with only baby whitetip sharks literally speaking so cute that you want to take one home! HA HA

Galapagos sharks kept coming back towards us and not afraid at all so it gave the divers great photo opps.

Current was on during the entire dive and all day with it water temperature got warmer up 26.6℃/80℉ according to dive computers. In the south, it was nice to find a bit of shelter enough to stay there long enough to see the parade of yellow fin tunas who stayed out of the current.  Lots of Black Jack fish did the same thing by retracting against the wall. Some silver tip sharks showed up, some hammerheads also in very deep water.

On the surface we had bit of rain! Wind was blowing a little more than 27km/h, 15kn/h, nice to have some sunny moments as well. At night we enjoyed watching more than 15 silky sharks going crazy hunting flying fish, great show seeing those dorsal fins breaking the surface, splashing water competing to get the fish!
Dive Inst, Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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