Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hi everybody!!

Today we are on our way back to San Benedicto island but we had a stop on Socorro island to see whats going on at Cabo Pearce this time, almost getting at the end of the trip but the surprises keep coming every day.

We had a sunny day with great dive conditions, no current, good visibility (60 ft / 20 mts), the wind blowing from the north, the water temperature of 79 F / 25 C.

For the first dive we got ready early morning to try to see dolphins but this time they weren´t there, so we focus on the shallow part of the reef trying to see all the little details because the mantas didn´t show up until the last moment so we saw a lot of different fishes, the sea bass, puffer fish, parrot fish, morrish idols, creole fish, the endemic clarion angel fish and the beautiful barber fish gathering on the little corners of the rock. We could spot little critters like the pipe fish, blennies, small crabs, flounders, octopuses and zebra eels. At the end of the dive we saw the first manta but she took off quite fast and didn´t show interest in us this time (only this time).

The second dive got better with the white tips gathering in the current, some baby silver tips and Galapagos sharks, but the best this time were the hammerheads, so we drifted for a while trying to see them in the blue and we got to a point where the jacks precede the hammerheads mixed with the bonitas, so we went down to 90 ft / 30 mts and fortunately we could see 6 of them quite close. We got to see more mantas at this dive and they showed up specially for the third and the fourth, but we are still waiting for more dolphins for tomorrow at Boiler.

Almost getting at the end of the trip, just wishing that our divers are having the best diving of their lives.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.


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