Sunday, June 12, 2016

We are on the last trip of the 2015-2016 season and we are enjoying our last moments on these beautiful islands full of magic and positive vibrations.

We started our diving day in Cañon with great conditions at the surface -flat sea, no wind. Once we got in the water, the visibility was a bit murky 30 feet / 10 mts for the first dive however as the dives progressed the visibility got better 50 ft / 15 mts. The water was chilly at 75 F / 23 C with some hot spots at the surface. Because of the mild current, we enjoyed perfect and safe dives during the day.

For the first dive we swam along the north edge of the platform of Cañon trying to see the hammers but none of them showed up this time, only until the last dive could we spot one of them close to the cleaning station but it took off as soon as we got there. We spotted some white tips during the day, some juvenile silvertips but unfortunately we didn´t get to see any mantas and only a few sharks. Most of the time we spent the dives under the boat with 6 silkys all mixed in with the jacks and creole fish.

On the second dive, we could see some dolphins passing by with three babies. The adult dolphins weren’t interested in us this time because they were protecting their young. So we focused on the little stuff like the rock mover wrasses, the zebra snake eel, the clarion fish eating in the sand and the always beautiful trumpet fish hovering and teasing other fish like the puffers!

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor, SOLMAR V.

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