Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A pod of 40 dolphins greeted us at Socorro Island!

Hi folks!

After 5 months of absence from Socorro Island, this morning we arrived at the Mexican Navy Base to check in, which took less than an hour before we moved to Punta Tosca to start our dive day.

With 60' of visibility and 80 degrees of water, we encountered in the first dive 2 different Mantas by the reef, unfortunately they weren’t in a playful mood and just cruised by to say hello. Later on as we advanced over the dive site, couple Hammerhead Sharks made appearances here and there, and 1 baby Galapagos Shark kept up with us almost the entire dive! Finally after 40 min of bottom time while we were on the way to surface we heard dolphins approaching and yes! There they were! A pod of about 40 Bottlenose Dolphins welcomed us to the Archipelago, they were so friendly and close enough to Adil (our onboard videographer) that could film them and get precious video shots. Wait for his trip video report!

In the second dive one of the dive groups found a small group of about 20 baby Silvertip Sharks that came from the deep just to check the divers up and later on disappear in the blue. Almost at the end of the dive the same pod of dolphins did its second show of the day, just imagine they were so excited to play with the divers that everybody run out of air, came back to the panga, grabbed their snorkels and jumped back into the water to keep playing and enjoying this super friendly dolphins, it was hilarious!

By the third dive, the conditions had changed a lot, the visibility had dropped  and the current was picked up a little bit this time, so we did a drift all dive along the reef, once we got away of the rocks, the visibility improved a lot, good enough to see a school of 50+ Yellow Fin Tunas that cruised by.

Tonight, the weather conditions got better and we are heading to Roca
Partida, we hope get lucky and maybe see a gentle giant, or maybe more..

Stay tuned for the first news from Roca!


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