Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On our return to Socorro we were met by 6 playful mantas!

 Hi all!! There is much excitement about our first day back at the Socorro Islands after an excellent season with Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island!
So our first morning dive took place at EL BOILER in San Benedicto due to better conditions being the vis up to 40ft, water temp 80f with no termoclines at all, guiding our 3 small groups counted with dive experience of Dave Valencia Marine Biologist, Eric Higuera also a Marine Biologist and myself Daniel Zapata Dive Instructor.  We were able to find a pair of hammerhead on the west side of the rock, about 8 white tip reef sharks, and one manta that disappeared into the blue. When we made our way back to the anchor line, there was a group of 10-12 dolphins waiting for us!
    After an excellent first dive, we decided to give el Boiler another go, and our divers were so happy with this dive site, we spent all day here! We counted  6 mantas total, a couple of which were familiar faces!  We had at one point 3 mantas playing together, and they were so playful that they wouldn't go away for anything! The mantas gave us the the opportunity to take lots of photos from all angles of mantas both the chevron and black ones, and to make the dive easy, everything happened above 50' deep! Lots of other fish around the rock invited close observation also! We finished our fantastic day of diving with lots of delicious BBQ Ribs thanks to Chef Tony!  We'll be bringing you another dive report tomorrow, so make sure you don't miss it, or you could do one better and come join us on the adventure of a lifetime!

   Dive Inst. Daniel Zapata

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