Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another day in Paradise!

Hola amigos,

Our second day at Roca Partida couldn`t have been better. On our first first dive we found tons of sharks, galapagos shark, silver tip, white tip, schooling hammerhead! Tunas and jacks were everywhere and on the reef our divers took photos of lots of morays, lobsters and tropical fish. During our safety stop a friendly mobula ray came to check on us and decided to stay until we didn't have any more air and had to surface. 
The Mobula stayed around the boat so we got back in with snorkel set, everyone loved it. Second dive was very good too, a pacific manta played with the divers for a while, and smiles where all over the place. But the biggest surprise was waiting for us on the the third dive when a giant female whale shark swam right next to us!! 3 trips in a row where we've found whale sharks! It was unreal, what else can I say, it was another day in paradise!!

Claudio S. Bonato
PADI OWSI 191135
Dive Master on SOLMAR  V

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