Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HI everybody,

Here we are at Roca Partida again!!! As always, this place gave us a great welcoming with 3 fantastic dives during the day.

Early morning going to the drop in site, we had a group of dolphins near our Zodiacs, playing around, making great jumps, to tell us good morning! In our first dive we had a very strong current with a great visibility of around 100 ft.and 82 degrees waters. Galapagos, silver tips, white tips and mantas where all over the place, making the dive a unique experience, but that was just the taste of what was in store in the next dives.

For our second dive, at around 110 ft, we had a great school of Hammerheads, Silver Tips, Galapagos and Silky sharks all together, swimming across millions of fish. Tunas and Wahoos were part of this explosion of life! Water was still 82 degrees, but we started to experience the thermocline at 90 ft, dropping water temperature down to the low 70's. On the wall, we had several white tip sharks moving around and many of them still sleeping all together.This dive was something to remember. Nature was in its magnificence.

For the 3rd and last dive of the day several Mantas came to the area giving to our divers the chance to take an uncountable number of photos. But the best was still waiting to come. By the end of the dive, in the blue, the silhouette of several hammerheads sharks, at around 80 ft of water. When we approach the area, we could see a huge school of these incredible sharks, and for our surprise, they were not shy at all, and stayed around us for a couple of minutes until our bottom time and air supply forced us to go back to the surface with a big smile, and ready to stay another day at Roca Partida for some more incredible dives!

Adiosuntil the next report,
Juan Ricardo TamaƱo

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