Friday, November 9, 2012

From a guest: "The diving today was unbelievable!"

  Hi folks! After a great day at Roca Partida, we're now in route to San Benedicto island.
    To start with we made an hour long dive, our first descent was on the east side of the Roca visiting lots of white tip sharks, we noticed current from same direction, took advantage of it and went for a nice ride, stopping on the south point were different species of fish were making a wall of themselves, for moments all those fish went back behind us at the strike of what a size of yellow fin tunas!!!! Leaving us out there with nothing else but water around us! did not have to swim much for good 25 minutes!The south point really was like a parade of sharks... I counted up to 9 silver tips, singles hammer heads, Galapagos, silkies, white tips all together but at different depths cruising back and forth! The vis was not as great as usual, as Roca visability is usually 100+ but we didn't have a problem seeing anything with 60'+ as it still let us see everything. On top of all this, add an uncommmon sight of a friendly chevron manta at the northern point of Roca, that played with us for a very long time!
    During our second surface interval our wonderful guest Anita spotted something at the distance, we go to check it out and...BINGO!!! Bait ball!!! They were a hit last season, and it's difficult to accurately describe what it's like to be on the outskirts of a bait ball. There were at least 200 silkies, yellow fin tunas, dusky shark, (only) one dolphin, and a variety of other fish fish, all feeding on oceanic trigger fish! We spent half an hour snorkeling around this bait ball during our surface interval! 
    Our entire third dive took place on the south point of the rock! a mean not even 5 minutes into the dive and already had seen a huge female whale shark! just to spice it up add once again the school of silver tips, white tips, Galapagos, hammer heads, silkies, yellow fin tunas and a world of fish surrounding us every single minute we spent under water!!
    Here a few words from Mike and Anita about today's experience!!!  "What an amazing adventure we had today! I can hardly believe everything we saw.. It was unreal!!  Over 200 silky sharks feeding on a bait ball, whale shark, hammerheads, manta ray and more at Roca Partida.  This has been a once in a lifetime experience!I'm already thinking about when I can come back again!"
     The crew is fantastic!!!   Mike: "the diving today was unbelievable...and the bait ball experience was extra special.  Thanks to the crew for taking what Anita saw seriously and checking it out.  We were all surprised and happy with what we found."
    No words for more!! Gracias folks out there for reading from us!

    Dive Inst Daniel Zapata

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